City Voters To Decide Fate Of Major Funding Source...Will The 0.75 Percent Income Tax Levy Pass?

27% (12 votes)
73% (32 votes)
Total votes: 44
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Even though I pay Toledo income tax (work downtown), I can't vote because I live in a suburb. Will be interesting to see how the Toledo residents vote on the issue though.

It's going down in flames.


I'm glad you're hopeful, most of us who have critically thought through this do hope that this goes down in flames.

I hate to burst your bubble, but how do you know that it will? Especially in light of how people have voted in the past?

Your prounouncement that "it's going down in flames" is no more justifiable as a belief than the mayor's pronouncement that it will be renewed.

The defeat or renewal of this levy comes down to:

Whether or not the voters (as jurors) can be impartial and willing to weigh the evidence on both sides and make a decision regardless of where the facts may lead.

The city of Toledo as "merchants of fear" has merely proclaimed and decreed doom and gloom of apocalyptic proportions if the levy fails. They could be right, but "saying something is so doesn't make it so." and since they've done nothing but declare it to be so, then it leaves lots of questions that they've refused to answer publicly.

So it also comes down to whom do the voters trust?

The city's arguments lack any sort of sophistication necessary in order to warrant the faith and confidence of intelligent and rational voters to renew this levy.

One would think that the city would bend over backwards and bring out some "big guns" who can actually 'earnestly contend for what they believe.' Personally, as a voter I'd prefer that they overstate their case.

Instead we have seen just the opposite.

the voter is the unknown shoe. And given the history, we're screwed..

i just hope the union yahoos that we are paying for all their health insurance, and TPS supporters who must have too much money to vote for a levy that they might as well burn, does not come out to vote. it must be nice to have too much money to support levys that will increase our taxes, but not benefit us.

we must have sucker written across our faces if the voters approve the tps levy. that just tells them bring on more levys without improving performance, the voters always have more money.