Who was better as Mayor of this city?

Jack Ford
49% (20 votes)
Carty Finkbeiner
15% (6 votes)
I am glad I voted for Carty! He is the better choice!
17% (7 votes)
I should have voted for Jack! I wasted my vote by voting for Carty!
20% (8 votes)
Total votes: 41
No votes yet


At least we would have had an amusement park on the river by now.

As it is, the only downtown amusement we get comes from 22nd floor, from Finkbeiner and his Clown Possee.

Neither! I would like to see a woman run for Mayor. Because to me this mess needs a womans touch, My two choices would be Maggie Thurber or Pearleen Griffin.
p.s has anyone heard from the Republican party lately?

rescue me

Either that or you weren't here for the Donna Owens debacle.

Just lump all the women together because what you perceive as a debacle.

Type all you want in your retaliation, douchebag, but you really are one stupid stupid person.

I suppose Donna had an alleged "medical condition" too?

I think it was well known at the time. (hic).

Is that all you can do in your little mind is namecall ?
You seriously need to grow up, dude.

you call that a debacle?

El moron, our little diatribe is a debacle, Donna had a "condition".

namecall? I actually believe that is your real name offline.

And I don't see how being a female alcoholic has anything to do with being in government. Let's piss test the whole lot of em and show ya wazzap. Booze will be the least of the results.

Your commentary ia so rambling and convoluted, I ask you...
If you would submit to a urinalysis, what would we find ???

Mine would be clean as clean could get. No alcohol, no pot, no d's, heroin, coco, nicotine, ANYTHING.

Not even coughsyrup. Can YOU say that ???

Still dosen't change the fact that because Donna Ownes enjoyed imbibing that disqualified her for the job she was elected to.

But you couldn't stop there, you had to lump the whole gender in there. Because Donna Owens nipped a toddy, all women would suck at being mayor?

And this is what you come back with?

The nerve....

Your thought process is all fucked up. Re-read everything, dolt.  

You will see that I never once attacked women. You only think so. I even supported Opal Covey. 

That thought process needs some drying out. I can get you into a good re-hab center on the cheap, if you need to.

Hell, I will even be your case manager !

I run a pretty tough 12 step group, though. WATCH OUT. You may learn something about yourself if you participate in my groups.

I think that one of the last things you appear willing to do: GROW UP !

because your reply was to THIS post, dipshit:

Jack or carty
Submitted by rescue me on Fri, 2008-02-29 20:43.
Neither! I would like to see a woman run for Mayor. Because to me this mess needs a womans touch, My two choices would be Maggie Thurber or Pearleen Griffin.
p.s has anyone heard from the Republican party lately?

your reply to this post:

Memories fade, don't they ?
Submitted by el mahico on Fri, 2008-02-29 20:49.
Either that or you weren't here for the Donna Owens debacle.

Just more proof that you offer freely about how big a moron you truly are.

Don't you see that that was an attack against the Republican Party ! ! ! !

Not the female gender.


the post you clicked reply upon and all that smokescreen action you're so good at is moot here. It's crystal clear you're this stupid, you clearly pay no attention to the environment around you, your asinine posts reflect your true intellect and those pathetic little threats are reflective of your mentality.

I say that because it took you two days to tap dance your way to this excuse instead of posing this excuse earlier where you claim "I think it was well known at the time. (hic)." implied a woman can't hold their liquor instead of saying "She was a Republican".

And to top that off, you have still eluded the fundemental question I posed to you about fifteen times in English.

How's that recall effort of yours comming?

The community awaits your answer!

wait...so you don't drink, you don't smoke, no drugs, don't look at porn, obey traffic laws, and this crap you type out is the best mind you can offer me when you're trying to engage me?


I don't care to waste my time on fools.

Get over yourself, fool.

for two whole days and you couldn't just leave it alone.

Who's the fool, Research Boy?

Amazing lol

Sir - You ask "Who's the fool ?".
The correct answer is YOU, fool.

el Mahico, Curious, and the Lone Ranger all helped to
bring that fact to the attention of the audience. They are all watching your failed attempts to appear bright, witty, and coherent. You really let them down...
Boy are you STUPID.

What stupid remarks are next from you ?

From the Glass City Jungle site:

# 11 Curious... Says:
February 23rd, 2008 at 2:17 pm
Do it the right way ???
I went undercover AND held his hand to call him on a significant inaccuracy in his attack. What more do you want ? This is no personal vendetta, just the facts, ma-am, just the facts. So don’t try to make it into something that is not there just to support your argument. I am a man. When I said ‘truce’, my word is gold.

Open about identity ???
Am I the first to post comments using not the same name every time ? What is your previous policy ??? Are you consistent ??? Or do you merely bring this issue out in defense of your boy brian.

Considering the fact that you stated you did not drink or do drugs, this can only tell me that you are just plain stupid.

is this not you?

# 99 el mahico Says:
February 19th, 2008 at 10:56 pm

by the way, this is how you properly shove something in someone's face, with facts, not some made up gibberish that can't be backed up. Another flaw of yours.

Now, again, how is that recall campaign comming along?

Merely defending myself, m'boy.

Erroniously, you must have thought that I would idly sit by during a truce and let you talk shit about me, without response.

That is the only reason I deal with your lame, ignorant ass.

Erroniously, you must have thought that I would idly sit by during a truce and let you talk shit about me, without response.

Excuse me?

# 1 Brian Maxson Says:
February 23rd, 2008 at 12:51 pm
My thoughts are this.

Carty made the decision to pursuit this avenue. For him to “go out of the realm” of accessing services above and beyond what is already provided just assures me this event is bigger than it’s being portrayed.

If you screwed up and you’re looking to get out of this mess on a technicality, what would you do?

What I wouldn’t do is take taxpayer monies and use it as a shovel. Especially at $500 an hour.

I just have to wonder how much an apology is really worth in this administration.

# 2 Curious... Says:
February 23rd, 2008 at 12:56 pm
Maybe the sun is too bright for your eyes, sir.

Where did you see “$500 an hour” ???

Looks a whole lot like you attacking me after making the effort of concealing your "el moron" username. And to think I apologized to you after realizing my mistake and you not accepting it, instead burying yourself deeper and deeper.

Now, where in my post did I talk shit about you again, delusional simp?

and let's see some links and time stamps, research boy!

it's ok bishop
Submitted by BrianInVeroFL on Fri, 2008-02-29 11:59.
someone already started the rumor that Carty was going to resign under "medical conditions".

I'm not crazy about the source of that tidbit, but I will be amused to see the credibility factor plummet when it dosen't happen.

this is from this exact thread. Hansel and Gretel could have used your assistance, btw. Now, mind you, your name never came up in my post, yet you happily attack me.

BLOW ME bitch. (Brianna Maxton).
Submitted by el mahico on Fri, 2008-02-29 15:59.
See who is trying to start shit again ? Must I again point out your numerous childlike cries for attention ?

Everyone else on the blogosphere knows you as an attention-hungry child that cannot properly spell words, and cannot construct a proper English sentence to save his (her) life.

Must you continuously call attention to these facts ?

Grow up, child. I am finished toying with you. You bore me. I ran circles around you last weekend to prove what a dolt you are. Your lack of intelligence is all too obvious.

So, not only do you carry your grammatical error with you from GCJ, but you pick right back up with this immature drivel. You truly are one stupid person.

...choices are what I think. Part of 1 is true, I wasted my vote on Carty. However, neither and I have long had thoughts on what kind of mayor we need now. It really doesn't matter, man or woman.

The mayor we need will have 3 stong traits:

The tenacity to make the tough decisions now facing Toledo and the ability to convey the reasons to the Citizens convincingly.

Common sense. Wouldn't that be a switch? ;-)

A brazen, blod and driven personality that can bring people together for the common good. Someone that can speak to the media and the people in plain english with only the truth. The person must have the interests of Toledo only as the formost thing in thier mind. They need to be willing to do a lion's share of the work as they will have to do it with fewer staff. They will have to have a plan and a fast paced mind. They will have to be fearless.

We need someone who has no puppet strings attached. Im tired of being represented by people who take their marching papers from the unions rather than the majority of the people they represent. I was disgusted by the fact that Ford flew out to Pittsburg before he made any big decision (a fact to which he admitted to and defended him self on)

Two turds from the same bowl. One's just larger and the other has more corn in it.

LOL, that made me chuckle...

The next mayor needs to be "Independent" as apposed to belonging to the a or b teams. This way he/she can strike up the band without compromising the goals.

you are describing Ben Konop to me.

Excellent choice !