Carty was a bad choice for Mayor, who may do a better job at Mayor if they run?

Phillip Copeland
0% (0 votes)
Joe McNamara
10% (6 votes)
George Sarantou
3% (2 votes)
Betty Shultz
2% (1 vote)
Mark Sobczak
8% (5 votes)
Frank J. Szollosi
2% (1 vote)
Wilma Brown
0% (0 votes)
D. Michael Collins
2% (1 vote)
Mike Craig
0% (0 votes)
Michael D. Ashford
0% (0 votes)
Tom Waniewski
21% (13 votes)
Lindsay M. Webb
6% (4 votes)
Toledo needs a change vote for a newcomer to politics between the age of 40 - 50
19% (12 votes)
Toledo needs a change, vote for a newcomer between the age of 30 - 40
27% (17 votes)
Total votes: 62
No votes yet


I voted for Tom W because of some of his comments, and the job he's done so far as my councilman. That being said tho, I'm VERY disappointed in his vote on the Boyer.

I think as a business person he will not allow this type of matter to slip by unnoticed in the future.


One would have thought that the ordinance was vetted, but, it appears it was not as well as it should have been.


I am not a constitueint of Waniewsk, but I can say that he is responsive and encourages people to contact him and communicate, unlike some of the others.

Still too little information on Tom Waniewski or Mike Collins to make an informed decision on either as choices.

As for the rest, same old, same old, doing business as usual. . .

Hooda Thunkit

Put in Fred LeFebvre as a choice and see what happens.

Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

Shit - you might was well put Brian Wilson instead, he's the one who does all the "thinking" for that pair.

I use the word “thinking” very loosely...