The Unbearable Whiteness of Being - By Johnny Hildo

Look at this article in the Toledo City Paper by Johnny Hildo

Some folks never learn their lesson.

Cases in point: Dwayne Morehead and Perlean Griffin, former Finkly sycophants who found themselves expendable after vocally leading the charge to re-elect Hizzoner in 2005. They were used by the Fink in a classic pincer maneuver against fellow African-Americans to unseat Toledo’s first African-American mayor, Jack Ford. Then they forgot that Whitey takes away just as easy as he gives. Now they’re out of city employment and crying foul.

Whatever his faults, Carty knows his politics, especially in a small burg like Toodly-do. Keeping a few pet darkies close at hand immunizes him against the field hands like Ford and Michael Ashford who refuse to avert their eyes when he comes into the room. He divides the Black community into those who is and those who ain’t his baby. This blunts the strength of the Black vote enough to keep elevating him to the 22nd Floor.

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... than race. Re-electing Czarty was a fairly strong condemnation of the sensibilities and overall intelligence of Toledo in the first place. Any sane analysis of Czarty's previous terms would ONLY reach one conclusion: That Czarty is clinically insane and should be kept away from sharp objects lest he prove a danger to himself and others by using them.

Regardless, many thousands pulled the lever for Czarty due to his insanity-fueled enthusiasm. Folks, there's a reason why we've come up with jokes about cheerleaders and blondes ... it's because they're largely TRUE.

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How many times do I have to say.....THE ONLY REASON CARTY WON AGAIN WAS BECAUSE PEOPLE HATED FORD MORE. Especially small business people. Period. That's it. Nothing else. Belive I even predicted if Ford made the top 2 (which I knew he would because of the black vote alone), that Finky would win.


'I used to have compassion, but they taxed it and legislated it out of existence.'

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