Troy Neff Show: Will Floyd Rose Defeat the 3/4% Tax?

Floyd Rose discusses his protesting of the 3/4% tax and also gives Troy his views on race relations in the City of Toledo.

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Floyd Rose

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It would be interesting to hear what the black community wants, though. Of course this is something that will probably we dealt with at the government level. If it means more taxes I don't think it will be accepted though. Those on council who vote for additional funding for these "demands" might be subject to recall themselves.

Old South End Broadway

just a part of it, one thing I would like to see is that my children, son in law, daughter and friends are able to move from place to place in my neighborhood without being stopped, being patted down and your things being pawed over by the police for no reason. Driving or walking, playing on your street while black.

This would take no money to put into place.

...I'd love to have the police that are passing through you neighborhood standing on my street corner. We could use more cops over here in the South End. Perhaps we can work out some kind of deal where police are removed from your neighborhood, and placed in mine. Then you don't have worry about being stopped or patted down. I'm sure both your neighborhood and mine would be safer.

Old South End Broadway

that happen? The police can't answer real emergencies because they are too busy harassing people in my neighborhood, even kids playing basketball.

Last year I saw a policeman on a horse who was in a contorted position and I couldn't figure out what he was doing. The closer I got, the weirder the picture became. When I got close enough to see what was going, on the policeman was sitting on the horse and a man was standing with his arms up and the policeman was patting down the man. It was not a very nice sight.

People in my neighborhood get stopped by policemen in cars, marked and unmarked and on horses. The vast majority of these people are innocent of any wrongdoing, just going about their daily lives.

I can't let my teenagers walk to the library two blocks from my house without worrying if they will get stopped by the police. So I just take them because it is not safe in their own neighborhood just being a kid.

... and go to our councilmen. I "want" police in my neighborhood, and you don't. There has to be some way to convince the city government that you feel more "threatened" by the police than I do in my area. I have been stopped by police before while driving, but I got to admit I probably looked suspicious. Maybe if you got the pastors of the churces in your neighborhood, or the owners of the local businesses in your neighborhood to go downtown to council chambers and demand that the police no longer stop black citizens in your neighborhood then maybe the police would stop. They are probably under the wrong impression that they are doing something good in your neighborhood when they are not. I think we would welcome them with open arms to my neighborhood.

Old South End Broadway

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