Brian Schwartz Hires Lawyer To Investigate Possible Rights Violation

Breaking news story from the Toledo Free Press that Brian Schwartz has hired legal representation in relation to his being suspended for 15 days without pay for unprofessional conduct and other possible incidents of his rights being violated by both Mayor Carty Finkbeiner and Chief of Staff Bob Reinbolt. He’s hired local attorney R. Kevin Greenfield.

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It's kind of like between thinking "Go Brian, Go Brian..." and then realizing that it's just another lawsuit Carty's knocked up for us to have to pay for...

Take 1 pissed off press agent, 1 wacko mayor and 1 rabid set of local get what promises to be the epic incineration of an Administration. With Brian's knowledge of the inner sanctum of the Mayor, this will be a barn burner.

Mutiny at long last....

It's about freakin time.

tragic in that it's another lawsuit relating to the Mayor and his henchmen that will add to the ever expanding list of Civil Rights violations the Mayor is now charged with.

However, the truth and the resolve are always worth the price.

when was the last time the city's mayor has been sued by several people on separate occasions? if we cut the lawsuits out of the budget then we could help try turn the city around. if nothing else, we'd have more signs and flowers.

Is this administration to damaged to continue?

Your question implies that there might be a "tipping point" where the problems of the mayor and how the city is being run cannot be prevented before it's too late and the damage becomes irreversible.

I am not a sociologist nor a psychologist so I have no scientific way of knowing when or if that may happen.

But I think we can learn lessons from history which has a weird way of repeating itself.

What I do know is the haughty, arrogance , and hypocrisy of mayor Finkbeiner is reminscent of the same haughty, arrogance and hypocrisy that is summed up by the phrase, "I am not a crook."

And no, I'm not equivocating since I'm not saying nor accusing the mayor of any crimes, I'm simply pointing out as a mere layman, the fact that the similarites in the actions, and behavior of Finkbeiner and Tricky Dickie are similar and should be obvious to those who dare to compare.

That is a way to phrase it.


Can the administration, perform its duties and responsibilities, what with at atleast three cases being filed because of alleged actions.


Can the administration effectively manage the day to day operations of the city, given the level of mis trust and clamor from the populace.


Does the administration still retain a level of confidence, when all the issues are taken as a whole.

I've been saying how much he reminds me of Nixon for a long

I have a feeling that by the time Brian is finished with the mayor and his administration there won't be much left to do other than sweep up and turn off the lights.

I'm turning my attention to whom I'd like to see voted in as Council President within the next couple of weeks. If the Coucil members I know have any brains, they'll be kicking Carty Cronie Sobczak out of that chair pronto.


for saying the F word on the radio? There was no doubt he said that and WJR may have to pay for that.

I have no remorse for Brian. In the words that Malcolm X said in 1963 , "It is like the chickens coming home to roost!"

He deserves what he gets. Perhaps he should call a press conference outside of Government Center so that Reinbolt can come outside and pass out Brian's personnel file to anyone who wants it!

After all...that is what Brian did back in September to Dwayne Morehead.

So Brian, if the shoe fits...put it on and walk around in it!

In my opinion Dwayne Morehead deserved to be fired 'bish. I am suprised you aren't supporting the current Detroit mayor as an upstanding citizen and an overall great man. As well as being the savior of the great city of Detroit.
Is OJ guilty 'bish?

Not Again...

Dwayne didn't deserve to be fired, in fact his termination was due to retaliation from Carty. When Carty fired Perlean Griffin he told Dwayne that he would be fired if he continued to speak to Perlean...and because Dwayne chose to do what was moral and right, he was fired. Get the facts right not again...

Why would you be surprised that I am not supporting Kwame Kilpatrick, Mayor of Detroit? That sounds very silly on your part!

#1 I lived in Detroit for several years before relocating to Toledo and I am familiar with Kwame and all that he has done for the city of Detroit. It is unfortunate what he did, and because of what he did there are consequences...and if you must know...I am not in Detroit now, so that is not my business. But - if I was still living in Detroit, I would urge Kwame to resign from being Mayor.

#2 Is OJ guilty? That I don't know, but what I do know is that the glove did not fit, so he was aquitted. Nevertheless, if O.J. did not do it, I do believe that he knows who did.

#3 Carty has done many things since he has been in office...many unethical things that has affected many people, regardless of color or gender. I do believe that Carty is not fit to continue on as Mayor of this city, and he needs to be removed from the office.

Yes Carty is unfit to lead and Dwayne deserved to be fired. The guy skipped work consistently and you are showing your racial bias by denying it.

I'm not a big fan of Morehead, but I will say this. The mayor and his staff dogged him and their pants should be sued-off. There is no room in America for racist behavior Carty demonstrates.

Not again....apparently you don't have your facts straight. I will charge your comments in regard to this issue to your ignorance.

I was given a copy of Dwayne's work record. I have reviewed it for myself. Dwayne was out of work due to medical reasons.

I am fully aware of the events that led up to the unjust firing of Dwayne Morehead...this is why back in September 2007 I held a press conference on Dwayne Morehead's behalf.

Allow me to share with you the facts, I will share with you word for word what I said at the press conference back in September....

Here it is:

It is time for us to address the social and civic injustice and discord that permeate from the 22nd floor of One Government Center and embrace unethical values that zero into and destroy the zenith of one's character while plaguing communities and families — the innocent citizens of Toledo.

Upon Carleton Finkbeiner taking leadership of this city as mayor, he listed 34 campaign pledges. He stated that his administration would unite and promote, in every way possible, a clean, green and safe city with vibrant colors everywhere — a city that inspires our citizens to improve our neighborhoods, educate our children and create jobs that offer a future in their hometown.

Finkbeiner stated that job creation comes with an environment that invites new investment in our city. He stated that he would focus on building and maintaining the business base of Toledo to ensure jobs and opportunity for all.

He stated that too many Toledoans lack pride and confidence — pride in our past, pride in our present and confidence in our future. Finkbeiner stated that he promoted full accountability for all city employees, and that even during the difficult times the citizens of Toledo would receive the best quality services we can deliver to them.

He fired the Affirmative Action/Contract Compliance Director Perlean Griffin, and he also stated that those city directors who spoke to Griffin would also be dealt with. Which brings me to this ...

Dwayne Morehead did not heed the strong-armed threats of Finkbeiner, but rather chose the path of righteousness by standing for what was right.

Because Morehead continued to speak with Griffin, he was demoted from being the co-director of the city's Youth Commission to being an administrative specialist, and was placed on a 30-day probation period and instructed to report to Juanita Greene, who is the executive director of the Board of Community Relations. He knew that he was being set up to be fired. Dwayne Morehead has become a casualty of the cause of injustice.

On April 18, 2007, Morehead received a letter signed by Finkbeiner congratulating him on being nominated for the 2006 Toledoan of the Year Awards, and expressing his gratitude to Morehead for the outstanding work he has done in this city.

Those same qualities that allowed Morehead to be nominated, also gave him the courage and the strength to stand up for what is right. In doing so, on June 29, Morehead was suspended for 30 days, and recently he was fired.

Mayor Finkbeiner, enough is enough! We will no longer be strong-armed. We send a message that we will not lie down on the bed of injustice, but that we will stand up and ensure that everyone is protected equally, fairly, equitably and that everyone has the same opportunity. This issue is one of race and it is about doing what is ethical, what is morally right. We all have a civil right to success. That is not a privilege, it is a civil right!

We charge Finkbeiner with being in direct disobedience and violation to the Family Medical Leave Act, which states: Employees are entitled to leave from employment due to a serious health condition. The Family Medical Leave Act states that the employee provide a certification from a health care provider.

We send a clarion call that Morehead has been fired due to retaliation. We proclaim that Morehead has legitimate disease conditions that are under the care and supervision of Dr. Baldwin, who submitted the proper paperwork stating that Morehead could not report to work, and that he is to be on medical leave.

We will not tolerate or ignore Finkbeiner's tactics in the dismissal of Morehead or any other city employee unjustly, regardless of race. This is an issue of morality that not only affects one, but it affects an entire family. It affects the lives of Morehead's six children and wife at home. It affects the citizens of Toledo, and it discredits the phrase “Toledo Pride.” This is not about what party you're part of, this is about right and wrong ... the conscience of this city.

Since its inception in 1946, The Board of Community Relations has served the conscience of this city, and as such, has sought to create a heightened sense of awareness that inequality and discrimination still exist. The board exists to promote, empower and support citizens to create social justice, equal opportunity and a harmonious environment. They are to intervene in conflicts and disputes by providing investigation into unlawful discriminatory practices.

Because Morehead's termination letter was signed by Greene on the orders of Finkbeiner, this creates an unethical conflict of interest for the Board of Community Relations to do its job by investigating this matter. Morehead has a charge with the Ohio Civil Rights Commission against the executive director of the Board of Community Relations, Greene. Therefore, any investigation conducted by the board would surely be biased, as Greene is the one who does the investigations, and surely it would be unprofessional and unethical for her to investigate herself concerning this matter. In addition, Finkbeiner cannot ignore and he can not minimize the charges for his actions.

The facts don't lie. In addition, Brian Schwartz, the mayor's public information officer, someone who gets paid to speak for the mayor ... stated on a local blog Web site called Swamp Bubbles that Morehead should be fired! Schwartz also stated that Morehead should be grateful the mayor took him from a blue-collar worker to management, and that Morehead betrayed the mayor. Isn't it a big coincidence that the suspension letter given to Morehead stated that all the problems began on or about March 7, 2007, which happens to be the day after Morehead filed charges against the Finkbeiner administration?

In addition, at a press conference on Monday, Sept. 10, 2007, Schwartz passed out the employee file of Morehead outside of Government Center to anyone who wanted it. First and foremost, this just shows that the Finkbeiner administration is desperate and will do anything it can to discredit Morehead.

In addition, we obtained the files, and isn't it interesting that the letter that Finkbeiner sent Morehead congratulating him for being nominated for the Toledoan of the Year Award wasn't in his file? Also there are no violations or disciplinary issues noted in Morehead's file from Finkbeiner's inauguration in January 2005 until March 2007, incidents that began with his demotion the day after Morehead filed his charges against Finkbeiner!

In addition, apparently in the files were offenses allegedly committed by Morehead under the Jack Ford administration. There is only one problem: Morehead never worked for Ford. He was a union employee. Furthermore, the city rules state that the information was supposed to be removed 18 months after the document was placed in the file. It has been 4 years since the last document was placed in the file. It appears to me that this is such a gross injustice, and the only thing the city can do to protect itself is to slur Morehead.

If the Finkbeiner administration is able to reveal Morehead's employee files to the general public, then perhaps the general public should request to see the employee files of the Finkbeiner administration beginning with Finkbeiner himself.

We are requesting that the NAACP, the Toledo Urban League along with the Ohio Civil Rights Commission fully investigate the wrongful discharge of Morehead and report its finding's back to the citizens of Toledo.
The citizens of Toledo have a right to hold Finkbeiner accountable for his frivolous actions. Why should the NAACP and the Urban League get involved? According to the NAACP mission statement listed on its Web site, “they are to ensure the political, educational, social, and economic equality of rights of all persons and to eliminate racial hatred and racial discrimination.” According to the Urban League Web site, its mission is to “enable African Americans to secure economic self-reliance, parity, power and civil rights. So, the question is, why? Why don't the Toledo chapters of the NAACP and Urban League get involved?

We cannot sit idly by and not be concerned about what is happening in this city. Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly.

Toledo Pride, Mayor Finkbeiner — pride comes before a fall, and if this city falls, it is only a direct reflection of its leadership.

'bish' I don't care about the claims in your "talks in circles" speech. Of course you are going to support Moorhead, you would support your bro, if he was a double murderer, as long as the victim was whitey.

Your racist bias is loud and clear. Instead of trying to incite black/white hatred you should try to bring the races together, and stop spouting racist garbage.

Not again....

I'm am sorry you feel that way, but you are entitled to your opinions. I am not asking you to agree with me, nor do I care if you agree with me or not. Trust me, I will have a great day regardless of what you think, say or feel towards me...I won't lose any sleep over it.

Evidently you don't know me to well. I am anything but a racist. Nevertheless, I have nothing to prove to you.

The truth is the truth, and the truth will stand as it always has!

So kind sir, if you choose to launch attacks against me on message boards, feel free.

Not again....or who ever you are, feel free to think what you want and say what you want about's cool.

In fact, a true man or woman of integrity would not be a coward and hide behind a fake message board name....

My name is Bishop Stephen Ward, and I stand behind everything that I say.

You don't even have the integrity to identify yourself, but yet you talk about people on message boards...

Give me a break!

For the last time griffin and morehead have outstanding cases agianst the City, and we the citizens are possible going to have to pay a pretty penny for the administrations foolishness. The only person that doesnt have a case is Gary Daughtey and what seems shameful to me is that he may slip thru the radar and actually get paid off the coat tails of the other two. Hey Shcwartz if your reading give WSPD the exclusive when you start talking to the media, Im sure that would really piss Carty off you letting Brian Wilson in the door lol.

rescue me

...federal government is that Nixon's decisions were questioned, and put before the Supreme Court and Congress almost immiediately. I doubt these issues will see a courtroom for months, and, maybe, years. These allegations will be around to haunt the next administration, and, if lost, will be added to our taxes in later years.

Old South End Broadway

I bet if Brian were to publish for sale his 'memoirs' of his time in the mayor's ivory tower, he could make enough local money to cover his legal bills...

Who do you think would pay more, the public to read them, or Carty/the dem party to hush him up?

I feel that I know how these things work in Toledo fairly well.

Hence, I suspect Mr Schwartz received some indicator that he was going to lose his job, hence he went ahead with such a suit since the goal would now be to reach a lucrative settlement. You just can't survive suing your boss like that without being fired at some point during the suit or soon after returning to work. In short, such a lawsuit is a signal to me that the plaintiff expects to lose his job anyway.

Under such a prediction, Czarty will hire another spokescrony, soon.

Brian Schwartz, tell me where to send my donation for your lawsuit. By the way, if they fire you because you announced you have an attorney, that's probably called retaliation.

Cha Ching again, Brian.

never made it to the blade's online site.

did anyone read about this lawsuit in the paper paper?

No, I believe the Free Press scooped the "One of America's phoniest Papers" out of their shorts.

for the Mayors' prior two terms, but can anybody tell me if he generated as many lawsuits and civil rights violations as are now going on? This has got to be unprecedented. Unbelievable.

But honestly when exchanging comments with Mr. Schwartz some time ago - he struck me as a miserable man. Either he was miserable or he got off making other people miserable. I think it was the former now.

And I thought at the time that working closely with the Mayor had to be a horrible experience.

If you're here to tell me it's my fault - you're right. I meant to do it. It was alot of fun. That's why I have this happy smile on my face.

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