Where is the support for Issue 7?

Just posted at TPSINFO.COM: February 27, 2008 – As of 12:05 PM Wednesday, 2/27, the headquarters of the Toledo Federation of Teachers is without a sign, large or small, supporting Issue 7, the TPS levy. Does Francine Lawrence support the employer that pays the wages of all TPS teachers? Signs at TPS schools and other locations have been up since Thursday of last week. What are they waiting for: March 4th?

In addition, the Committee for Schools filed their pre-primary campaign report on 2/20/08. The committee raised just $7,490.80, most of it from TPS employees, since the levy was placed on the ballot by the Toledo Board of Education on December 20, 2007.

What level of community support does TPS have in their bid to renew the operating levy originally passed in November 2000?

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i was told by my friend, who's child goes to Arlington, that last friday they had a spirit day and the kids were aloud to wear jeans, but they had to pay a buck that went towards the campaign. she was offended they would use the kids in such a way to get money out of them. her son wore his uniform, i was so proud of her for standing up and saying no. :)

Most schools PTO's, boosters or groups have endorsed the levy and will gladly donate to a great cause- our schools. Furthermore, our unions have endorsed the levy. By believing the lack of a signd demonstrates the lack of support to the levy is being narrow minded.

so, you think it's a good idea to use kids to get money for this levy, a levy that is greatly being questioned? what's next, make the kids pay for their failing education? maybe i should not have said that, wouldn't want anyone to get any ideas. i could see the slogan now, tps, you pay as much as a private school without the great education.

littered states: a levy that is greatly being questioned?

Well I volunteered at the phone banks tonight and had a very overwhelming response from registered voters and parents alike, to vote for issue 7!
Look outside your box...................

i hope my name is on the list, or do they just call parents of tps kids and not registered voters?

well, many people on this site are against it, not sure how you didn't get that, and if you check out troy neff's site they have a poll, and as of right now it's 64.7 % against and 35.9 % for, but then again i'm not a tps parent, union card member who reads the blade, and believes all the crap they try to pass off as news, so i guess we aren't in the same box thank God!

oh and sandy, while we are chatting, somehow you missed the question i posted for you, it's under the tps board candidates will be interviewed. your buddy purnhrt is also curious about your response.


Sandy - look outside your box!

In 2000 Parents for Public Schools did a survey, cost about $11,000, about parent involvement and TPS. The demographic data at that time showed that only 22% of those registered to vote had children in TPS. In 2000 TPS had around 38,000 students and now they have 29,000 students.

I think you could safely say that this figure might be below 20% now.

If every parent would come out to vote and voted yes, there are not enough votes to pass a levy unless the voter turnout is very low. Given the state of the Democratic primary, I think it is safe to say that the turnout will be a bit higher than a normal special election.

I don't think you can put a lot of weight on what parents are saying from your phone calls. In fact, I would expect that a majority would be supporting a school levy - their interests are extremely parochial in scope.

Seem like a reasonable question given the circumstances, but not to Sandy. Explain to me why the TFT is without signage. Not enough signs? Too cold to put it up?

A major union like the TFT whose teachers get their pay check from TPS does not have a sign at their HQ with less than a week to go till March 4th when signs are up at all the schools seems odd to me. But of course Sandy probably believes the TFT is all about the kids!

What about raising just $7,400 in contributions over 2 months? What kind of support does that demonstrate?

I agree that "extorting" money from kids to support the levy so they can dress down for a day is not appropriate. Elementary kids can't make an informed decision on this subject.

Is it even LEGAL to perform such a political operation using school resources and time?

"Is it even LEGAL to perform such a political operation using school resources and time?"

i'm having someone look into it. tps thinks they are above the law, they don't care.

VOTE NO ! Taxes Are Like Drugs, Just Say NO !

of course i have to think that it's tps, who feels they are above the law, so why would they see a problem with extorting kids? before the election last year the pto at crossgates were handing out fliers for the candidates the parents should vote for, this was inside the school.

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