TPS Board Candidates Will All Be Interviewed.

The Toledo Public School's Board of Education decided in executive session tonight to interview all 14 candidates on March 5, 2008 at 5:30PM. Each candidate will present a two minute introduction and then answer four questions, one from each board member. Each candidate will be allotted 15 minutes. That will take almost four hours.

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Thanks for the report Twila. I could not make today due to poll worker training.

any idea what questions will be asked? do you think they are they actually going to take serious all the candidates, and not just the ones they want? i had read on here that they heard they already know who they want. i really wish the voters had a say in this.

now they will just play it out.

The mentality of TPS can be seen in the answer "Sandy the cheerleader" gave on Channel 24 after the debate. She was asked about the candidates and health care and she answered something about No Child Left Behind, which neither candidate talked about.

I guess she had a prepared answer, except no one asked the question.

I was there to represent the candidates public education issues. I was asked, in my earpiece to answer a question on NCLB, even though they did not discuss the issue tonight. However, they have previously and I am fimilar with their views.

health care. You answered about NCLB which was not the question nor was it discussed during the debate.

It just really looked kind of like a prepared kind of answer.

Well thanks for the positive feedback............

sandy, who are you, or the people you speak for, leaning towards?

sandy, also what do you think is the most important asset a person wanting to be on the board has to have? does being somehow a part of tft play a big role in your opinion of being a good board member? i'm just trying to get an idea of how the status quo thinks, and how they feel tps can get out of the mess tps is in by doing more of the same. i personally want to bring on the receivership. confidence and trust has been lost between tps, tft, and the public.

good questions. I hope sandy has the courage to answer them.

purnhrt, yeah, but we'll see if she responds, or anyone else who feels the same. i just don't understand how they feel things will change if they keep doing more of the same.

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