Focus groups continue debate of Toledo parents' law

I like this proposal - parents should be held accountable for their kids' behavior .
Does anyone else want to go to any of these forums?

Toledo's short-lived proposal for a parental responsibility ordinance has been reappearing at public meetings sponsored by the Board of Community Relations.

Juanita Greene, the board's executive director, said she has presented and discussed the concepts behind the former proposal with residents and parents who attend focus sessions.

Those sessions began in January and continue at 6 tonight in the Lagrange branch of the Toledo-Lucas County Public Library, 3422 Lagrange St.

Proposed in 2006 by former police Chief Jack Smith, the ordinance would have allowed police to charge parents who permit their children to engage in crimes or hang around with criminals.

While some neighborhood organizations supported the proposal, others, such as the Toledo chapter of the NAACP, argued that the law would make life harder for poor and minority single mothers.

Some city councilmen said that the city's teen curfew law, with its provision for charging some parents of curfew-breakers with first-degree misdemeanors, was sufficient.

Mayor Carty Finkbeiner cited lack of council support when he withdrew the proposal in June, 2006.

Ms. Greene said that after the series of six public meetings concludes next month, she will compile a report on how residents feel about the parental ordinance.

Officials then could decide whether to reintroduce the ordinance to City Council.

"What we want to do is see if we need something like this now," Ms. Greene said.

Focus group sessions, all beginning at 6 p.m., also are scheduled for:

•March 10 in the South branch library, 1736 Broadway.

•March 18 in the Reynolds Corner branch library, 4833 Dorr St.

•March 24 in the Sanger branch library, 3030 West Central Ave.

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How can you expect parents to be responsible for the offspring they brought into this world?

Maybe if someone is forced to start taking responsibility for their offspring, they might teach their spawn to be responsible as well.

many of the parents whose kids are out damaging other people's property were once children who also had no respect for the property of others. Then there is the additional problem of how do you get money from people who have no money?


Sorry. Passing a law won't magically make irresponsible parents more responsible.

I think it is a start. I would love to see parents held more accountable in their child's education as well. I am for this act in Toledo. However, it will be difficult to fund.

I am sure real juvenile delinquents will love this law. Knowing they can get their parents into trouble by committing crimes will surely inspire them.

are adopted or in foster care.

...foster care) told her parents she would call the police if they even disciplined her again (after she turned 16). She went on her way doing as she wished until she got pregnant, and came crawling home. Her "true love" had gotten his third girl pregnant (she was the middle fool), and didn't want anything to do with her. Children don't always act the fool because they have "foster" parents, or are adopted. Many fools feel that their parents have not lived a life that offers any instruction.

Old South End Broadway

of them , and sign them over to the state ! A drastic step for sure , but I am hearing alot of 'what ifs ' here. The state can lock them up if the kids don't want to be parented . If parents won't parent, then they need to face some kind of consequence . Having a consequence is far better than having none, even if it is difficult to enforce.

A parent can ask the court to declare the child incorrigible. A child can also be declared an emancipated minor, again by the court.

Holding the parents responsible for crimes the child commits is not a new idea. I don't know how things are now, but in the bad old days if innocent little GZ junior shattered McCaskey's bay window with his brand new boomerang, big GZ was financially liable for the window, as well as such pain and suffering as the little cretin deserved.

This is financial responsibility only. I thought that if the juveniles committed a crime, they'd be arrested and hauled off to CSI until the judge decided to release them to Mom and Dad. Isn't this still the case?

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

What's the case is that these little vipers are coming back from LibSchool thinking they can drop a dime on their parents any time discipline happens in the home. I've seen and heard of this happen too many times. Something's wrong in our schools if this sort of propaganda is being pushed by those goddamn uncontrollable Liberals (again).

What I tell parents today is that they have EVERY right to enact sensible and physical discipline with their children. Grounding is not abuse; sending children to their rooms is not abuse; paddling is not abuse. Take a firm stance and make sure you're in command of the full facts of the matter when Lil' Miss Bitch (16 and knows it all) calls the po-po on you.

And how would they handle: the normally 'good' kid, who gets good grades & hasn't been a problem, but unbeknownst to the parents, the kid/teen sneaks out in the middle of the night, or is spending the night with a friend the parents have come to trust & they do the same, there? None of the parents have any reason to be suspicious, they're sleeping & think the kids are as well. Kids do this shit all the time - even good kids. Or, they leave the party you gave them permission to go to - or some other kids bring drugs or booze (which can happen even with parents on the scene, but kids know how to be sneaky). Or, the kid who's been good as gold, & gets picked up for shoplifting or drinking? Not all kids who get in trouble are habitual about it, and they're parents had no reason to distrust them. Stop & remember when you were teens - did your parents always know what you were doing?

This idea is a disaster waiting to happen - where do you draw the line? Unless strict guidelines are set, to set apart the career criminal kids from the rest. There's too many teens (and younger) that already threaten their parents with calling the cops & reporting them for abuse, when no abuse even happened - because it brings their parents to their knees. I've known enough kids who did or would have done that - just because they could . Kids are the best manipulators in the world & they know parents don't have a lot of power left because of this threat. When I was a teen, kids had a healthy fear of parental disapproval (grad.'70) - now, it's the parents who fear their kids a lot of the time. And the kids know it. You get an angry, spiteful 16 yr teen girl who's pissed she's grounded for whatever - what a great payback to mom & dad.

most of you said Parents with a s. Some said Mom & Dad. You didn't say Parent, you didn't say Dad, you didn't say Mom. The latter I think is mostly the case, it's just Mom. Unless you have a "Mom" that is very strong these kids will walk all over them. It takes two parentS to raise a kid. Make these kids marry the Father of their offspring thereby forcing them to grow up before their kids do.

Put the shame back into getting pregnant before marriage. Whatever happened to the word illegitimate?

Main Entry: il·le·git·i·mate
Pronunciation: \-ˈji-tə-mət\
Function: adjective
Date: 1536
1: not recognized as lawful offspring; specifically : born of parents not married to each other
2: not rightly deduced or inferred : illogical
3: departing from the regular : erratic
4 a: not sanctioned by law : illegal b: not authorized by good usage cof a taxon : published but not in accordance with the rules of the relevant international code
— il·le·git·i·mate·ly adverb

How will labeling these kids as illegitimate correct their behavior?
What good will come from tossing a single Mom who is barely getting by into jail where she ends up losing her job and most likely her home?
The kid(s) then end up in foster care and do you really think a homeless, jobless parent isn't going to get their kids back out of the system once the state has their hooks into them?
Yes there are parent out there who let their kids run wild but there are also a lot of parents who are trying their best to take care of their families.

What support will be given to parent who are trying?

From GZ: I've seen and heard of this happen too many times.

What happens when the police arrive on the scene of this crime? Little Johnny or Suzie claims that her parents have:
1. Imprisoned her against her will
2. Confined her to the familial estate for an unspecified duration
3. Applied sharp, stinging force to his or her backside.

What happens next?

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

... there's some sort of in-house counseling session. But lately, I've noticed a trend. When the police ascertain that the child ever struck or even threatened one of the parents, they offer to take the child to jail on an assault charge. Behavior adjustment seems to follow fairly quickly after that.

I can only assume that the police are as tired of the "Bobby hit Susie" calls as anyone can be. It's sad that the police have to take such actions to compensate, when the initial calls to the police should never be made in the first place. The base problem is that children are being BRAINWASHED into thinking that discipline is bad, even illegal. This brainwashing comes from the Liberal-infested schools, but that's also supported by the similar Lib bias in popular media.

I'm surprised that I don't hear about children calling the cops on their parents for being armed. I suppose that that's just a matter of time, and that time will come closer once we put a Neo-Liberal in the White House supported by a simple-majority Dem Congress (i.e. back to gun bans and other unconstitutional acts).

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