Toledo Board of Education applicants - resumes and more!

At TPSINFO.COM we have the resumes of applicants for Toledo Board of Education. We believe one candidate should be excluded due to a conflict of interest issue - Angelita Cruz Bridges who is Director of Operations/General Counsel for the Lucas County Auditor

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A conflict of interest probably gave her an ADVANTAGE over the other candidates.

BTW - This 'conflicted' candidate will be formally endorsed by the Lucas County Democratic Party on Thursday 2-28-08.

a la Anita Lopez, her mentor, Cruz-Bridges just wants to use this school board position as a 'stepping stone'.

She really wants to become a judge.


If that be the case, then the party may just have more egg on its face. I'm willing to bet a goodly sum that a legal opinion will say that the positions are incompatible. Then the BOE would have to embrace another conflict of interest and they can't afford that just before a levy.

The Board meeting is tomorrow and they are to go to executive session to determine who they interview. If they choose Cruz Bridges, then the board has some explaining to do. There are plenty of qualified candidates without any conflicts.

I too had heard the screening committee had already made a decision. Rothenbuler at a Democratic Party function spoke highly of Cruz Bridges.

Does anyone really do a screening process where they look at issues such as conflicts of interest? I understand the Democratic Party has you complete a questionnaire, attach any materials such as a resume and then spends all of 15 minutes doing the interview. And then I wonder if these people have any idea what a Board member does and what qualities would be best. My best guess is no they don't!

i found it interesting that stephen goldman wrote a freaking book. who wants to read all 9 pages? i think he should have limited it to one to two pages max with a resume. why he wants the job, experience and possibly something relevant. short and sweet.

That would make an excellent Board member, you can't go wrong with Jamilah Jones. No political aspirations, and extremely well conected at the University of Toledo.


ms. bridges, we don't need yet another democrat possible union card holder.

catlin, she was my other pick last year.

trevino, he's excited about the vacancy, maybe he didn't know there were two vacancy's last year?

goldman, could you have given us the summarized version? interesting ideas. seems to have an idea of what the major issues of the district is, and is not trying to suck up for the position.

hornki, union guy and i'm wondering if he would be another tft puppet.

my money's on chris.

jobe, although he actually put forth the effort to run last year, i'm wondering if he would be a tft mouth piece being a tps teacher.

jones, seems like his 5 years at ut is his biggest asset.

mr morris, we don't need another union puppet.

mr oliver, we don't need another tft voice.

bulldog, why didn't you mention you tried last year? where's the resume?

mr scarlato is looking for a job in a bank or investment firm, not to be on the tps board.

mr vasquez, has experience, but why didn't he run last year?

mr whiteman ran in 2005, but yet not in 2007. makes me wonder about him on how he would vote being a former teacher/ union guy.

Hello All,

It is Hornik not Hornki.
Hornik is not the union guy or the tft puppet.
I am a dedicated dad who wants to represent the children. They are our number one asset. We need to work together as a community to make sure all children receive a great education. We also need to make sure they have a safe and fun enviroment.

I was surprised this came today and not over the weekend:

Why does the Blade refuse to write anymore about my background? They always seem to go into depth on everyone else but never write much about me. It is just strange.

Of course you can directly download my resume and coverletter to compare yourself at:

chris, they just like to copy and paste, so they don't actually have to do any real reporting. :)

If you ask me, that bodes well for you, Mr. Myers.

I think that you are the best candidate for the position, and encourage you to keep your chin up .

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