Are you ready to sacrifice for the common good?

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama yesterday told The Blade’s editorial board that people are ready for the kind of “call to action” that he has been advocating in rallies and speeches during his 13-month campaign.

For some, that could mean slightly higher taxes or a disincentive to drive a gas-guzzling vehicle. For everyone, it would mean higher electrical prices in the short run.

“The question is at what point are we willing to get together and understand that doing many of these things are hard, that it’s going to require sacrifice from those of us who are lucky in this society to pay a little more in taxes, or to, if we’re going to drive a Suburban, then you know there may be a disincentive to doing it, and that’s where leadership comes in,” Mr. Obama said.

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Hell no! We're only at war and driving at 100mph toward a recession, how dare anyone ask me to sacrifice. I’ll vote for whom ever will borrow the most money from China to give back to me as a tax cut or maybe start a new war with Iran! Nothing else matters!




"Oh, Bother!" Said Pooh, as he chambered his last round.


'I used to have compassion, but they taxed it and legislated it out of existence.'

... for making $1000 billion in bad mortgage loans hardly qualifies as "for the common good". It's just more welfare for the rich. So screw Obama and Clinton and Dodd and all the other Dems who think another taxpayer-funded bailout is in order here.

In this light, there's one thing the Emperor Bush and his Neo-Cons and the colluding Neo-Liberals did that was good: They blew the spare wealth of the nation on an Oil War, leaving nary a drop to drink for the bankers. We just can't do both. Don't get me wrong: They are going to TRY doing both, but we're out of such resources. One or the other. CHOOSE.

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