3/4% Tax Challenge

If you did not hear, WSPD issued the 3/4% tax challenge.

"Today WSPD announced the temporary payroll tax challenge to the Mayor and City Council. It's really very simple. Tell the citizens of Toledo the amount of revenue the city receives, the amount of essential city services, and the difference between the two.
By essential services we mean police, fire, streets, courts, and sanitation. If the difference between revenues and expenditures is more than $57 million WSPD will stop talking about the temporary tax. If it is less the city agrees to cut the percentage and work to move the city forward in a fiscally responsible way. "

You can listen to it here.

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they are willing to pay.
The city can do alot of cost cutting . WSPD has outlined some of that already - contract out garbage service is one

...who could would CCW?

Old South End Broadway

...homes were inspected yearly, and required to be up to the latest fire codes?

Old South End Broadway

... continued service, for another reason.

"Not much" for unintentional home fires since they are primarily caused by negligence on the part of the homeowner and/or the inhabitants. Many basic rules should be followed, but aren't: Don't smoke cigarettes near flammable materials. Don't store flammable materials on top of your stove. Don't leave tippable lamps on when not at home. Don't leave certain items plugged into power (like cheap toys, etc.). Store certain volatile liquids in flameproof cabinets. Etc.

But we do need continued service for all the arson that is happening around Toledo, in addition to all the arson to come (with the increasing numbers of poor people, empty properties, lack of property-tax enforcement, and finally a lack of arson investigators). Homeowners and residents are not prepared to save their homes against a home engulfed in flames right next to theirs.

From it's onset, the 3/4% tax was to be a TEMPORARY tax.

Here's my challenge to Carty (and yeah Brian Schwartz, we all know you're reading this, so take it to your master and get an answer!) and all those councilmen who are telling us just what terrible thing will happen to us if we dont pass this tax once again:

I want to know just what your plan is to end this burden - we were told that it was a temporary fix, so what plan do you have in place to eliminate the need for this tax. If that's not possible, then I want someone to man up and say it.

I dont expect our politicians to solve all our problems instantly, they were a long time coming and they'll take a long time to fix, but if one of them would just be honest with us and tell us the truth, that'd go a long way.

I somehow got the impression from the way the administration and city council talks that we're supposed to always take a Kierkegaardian 'blind leap of faith'. That we're to just believe and accept, rather than to test what our government tells us what it needs from us just because it might be an easier route or because it might sound good.

1. If anyone from the administration or city council has sufficient knowledge of the scientific method, who are capable of applying it correctly, then they can answer this challenge.

2. If anyone from the administration or city council has the ability to make a sound and cogent case for the renewal that is internally consistent, then they can answer this challenge.

3. If anyone from the administration or city council has the right qualifications to rightfully interpret the evidence, then they can answer this challenge.

4. If anyone from the administration or city council has the convictions and the capacity of doing what is morally right, (responsibility, accountablility, integrity) then they can answer the challenge.

Since no one from the administration or city council is willing to directly answer this reasonable challenge, then it must mean that they lack the morals, the qualifications, the ability to make their case based on the weight of the evidence, and knowledge about the scientific method in order to use it correctly.

to deny every one of those political lackeys access to that $57 million dollars.

let them eat flour and a raw egg.

was mentioned at the Council meeting about addressing cuts.

but you'll spend the money out of your own pocket to "fireproof" your home.

what kind of city do you live in, Councilperson?

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