Troy Neff Show: Transparency is the Currency of Public Trust.

Troy Neff Show: Transparency is the Currency of Public Trust.

Troy interviews TPS school critic Steven Flagg. Steve explains the message he is trying to send with a no vote on the Toledo Public Schools' renewal levy.

Will you be voting for or against the Toledo Public School's renewal levy?

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Steven Flagg

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It will be interesting to see how the negotiations go. Perhaps we can even get some "give backs" from the teachers union that will affect negotiations in future with the administrators' union(s). I don't think getting control of the schools back into the Board's hands will solve everything, but it is something to try. I would prefer that "compulsary" education be removed from the agenda, and parents permitted to use their tax money for private schools if they can find them. Too many kids are disruptive of the learning environment.

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The TPS fails to educate for the highest range of cost in Ohio (about $11000 per student). It's time to force the system to run leaner. It's our money, and they're plainly mis-spending it since it's TOO MUCH and it FAILS TO ACHIEVE MINIMUM RESULTS.

I'm voting NO. If budget discipline won't be exercised by the workforce, then it must be exercised by the voting public.

Here is a link to the full interview - the one posted is just part of the total interview.

There is more about the press conference and levy at TPSINFO.COM


you say they they will have a 21 mill surplus plus 10 mil in a health care account, how can we get that info out there? why do they put in the budget money that has not been approved? it's an uphill battle with most of the local news media. grrrrrrr.

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