Mayor, Dillin to make trip to meet with 1 mall owner

Toledo Mayor Carty Finkbeiner and developer Larry
Dillin are planning a trip to Kansas City next week to meet with one of
the owners of the nearly vacant Southwyck Shopping Center in an attempt
to move along redevelopment of the site.


The mayor said the planned redevelopment of the once-popular mall would
proceed if the city "could just get control of the property."


Todd Davies, Toledo's commissioner of development, declined to
elaborate on the purpose of the meeting other than to say "it's just a
meeting between the city and the owners of Southwyck."


Mr. Dillin said they are "trying to put the wraps on some issues for Southwyck," but he also declined to give specifics.

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Have we heard a similar promise?


"Oh, Bother!" Said Pooh, as he chambered his last round.


'I used to have compassion, but they taxed it and legislated it out of existence.'

The last time I was at Southwyck about 10 days ago there were still 10 stores there: Abba Airbrush, Victoria's Secret, US Nails, Style Trends (a hair salon), Champs, Deb Plus, GNC, Word Nail, Kids Foot Locker, and Lady Foot Locker. The middle aisle was empty. If this place is torn down is there a place for these businesses to go at the same rent, or have we driven another 10 small businesses out of the city? Maybe we should let the marketplace prevail without the city's administration, or the "neighbors" deciding what these businesses need or not.

Or maybe construction businesses need to drum up new business and tax breaks to construct a new developement that will be abandoned after another generation of tax support.

Old South End Broadway

Last I heard, those businesses were renting from a private owner.

Carty and the city needs to get the hell out of Swyk and stay out.

That was one of his 'visions'. Completion in 365 days.

Wonder what he does to get these 'visions' ???

First of all, I don't think that city should be involved in Southywyck or any other venture that competes with the private sector.

The city wants to own cows but is not able to adequately feed and take care of them.. Those people that are experts on cows should be the ones that own them--not the gov't. So, I think the city needs to sell its cows and buy its milk at the store like the rest of us.

Second, there are so many empty buildings in Toledo and new empty strip malls being built, that it's hard to believe that there isn't anywhere for those businesses to go.

Third, I have no way of knowing the specifics of their circumstances, but the problem with the assumption that "if those business have to leave they should be entitled to the same rent" is absurd.

So what if they have to move? Businesses and people move all the time for all kinds of reasons, some are good and work out for the better and some bad and work out for the worst.. Some move by choice and for others it was a choice that wasn't a choice. Somebody made it for them.

Who am I or anyone else to say or be concerned about whether or not their rent goes up?

Suppose these businesses have to move to locations with higher rents, isn't it possible and even likely that they would have more business than what they now have? What good is a lower rent if sales are also low?

The cost of rent is only one factor to be examined. Rent is only one of many other expenses. So the question that these businesses will be asking is: if our expenses increase, can we offset those increases by generating more revenue?

OSEB, there are more than enough vacant spaces in all the strip malls just IN Toledo, to accommodate all these stores. So don't just assume that if they leave, they will be driven "out of the city". You should have known that, if you have to drive around Toledo and keep your eyes open for the general condition of retail spaces. We're still in a boom in commercial real estate, which means that a serious bust is coming ... which should be great for these businesses, except for the concomitant bust in consumer credit.

can we offset those increases by generating more revenue?"
Which is something that should been considered for oh so many years when it came to managing the city finances.
Now, the revenue enhancement is in the form of higher fees and so on, in place of real growth in the form of revene from sales and salaries. they are flying off to "negotiate" with 1 of the owners. Is it just the 2 of them, or are other staffers going? Who is paying for the trip? (flight(s), hotels, food and various other costs)? What is the budget for the trip?

Keep in mind the person they are going to see is the relative of Sherman the guy who absolutely has always refused to work with the City as he always preferred the tax write off to development( and Dillard's is not working w/ the City either). As I recall, during the last great attempt Dillard's did their share by moving out of the rear home store building to make way for another anchor store and spent over 2 million renovating the clothing store only to have Sherman renig on his share. Failed start then and this is likely a shot in the dark too.

Point is, I think it's futile and a waste of taxpayer money to be traveling on our dime unless there is some solid proof of a viable reason to do so. These clandestine trips are suspicious.

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