Tax Levy and Your Home

I read this in an old metro press, interesting facts !

I am just a normal middle class person living in Oregon, Ohio. I have lived here for the past 17 years. Our family of four loves this community, but we, like many other families in Oregon and other areas I am sure, just cannot pay any more taxes. We may have to sell our home to move to an area with lower property taxes.
We just cannot even justify why in these times of low or no inflation that
yet another school tax levy is wanted.
In the past five to 10 years, there has been little or no inflation and the
that in the past five to 10 years, Oregon has converted a lot of farm land
into residential housing, which means that farmland that was not being taxed
much at all is now being taxed as residential property.

Look at all the subdivisions that have gone in, in the past two, five or 10
years. I looked it up. These subdivisions were farmland being taxed
approximately $48 a year. Now the same land is being taxed at an average of
$1,750 for every home. Every six months. This was and is a big windfall of money
that is coming into Oregon and the school system. And these persons that move
into these homes will also pay Oregon income tax. Why another levy?

We have passed several levies in past years. And we were told that another
levy would not be needed for 10 years.

With the county raising the home values and farmland being converted into
homes, Oregon is getting more and more money each year. Why another levy?

And don’t think it’s because there are more students in our schools. Not
true. Our mayor, Marge Brown, put me on the 20/20 planning committee, and we
talked about this. Our school population was down eight students, so you could
call it flat. No increase or decrease in the student population.

So I just don’t understand why another levy is wanted when all this money is
coming in. And in these times of low or no inflation. Think about it.
What’s going on?


I read this and the facts about all the farm land turned into homes is true.
So, Oregon is getting more money.

I think we need to get rid of the School Board. And put people on the Board that will promise no taxes, no levy.

We also, need a law that these are voted on in November ONLY!

And we need a No means NO law. That if a levy is voted down, that it cannot be put back on to vote for 2 years!

Enuff of the fucking shit.

It's like the School Board tosses a coin again and again until up comes up heads!

Lets get rid of these stupid people! Enuff is Enuff !

yes, I know my spelling and typing sucks! So What! You still get the point, right !

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I looked at the handout that explained the Oregon School tax levy and it looks like cuts in funding from the state and the Feds make up the vast majority of the costs that now have to be made up locally.

As much as I abhor property taxes, I abhor government shifting the burden back to the local communities when their budgets get tight.

Hooda Thunkit

It is we parents that should pay .
They are our children . If there is not enough money, we parents should make up the shortage. That is the right solution.
Why should I look to my neighbor to cover for my kids?

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