"It's kind of like bootleggers"

WTOL did a piece yesterday on non-compliance with the smoking ban, in which the reporter noted that the ban is not being complied with. Grossman, head of Lucas County Health Department, said in an interview that it's like bootlegging times all over again.

Well, duh, Comrade Grossman! And guess what happened with prohibition? It was eventually abolished. And what was caused BY prohibition? Law breaking and the rise of organized crime! Are you surprised by this, Grossman? You shouldn't be. It's only common sense, a quality you seem to be lacking.

While Grossman is espousing his father-knows-best paternalism for the citizens of this area, people are losing their jobs, in some part due to his enforcement of the ban. Isn't having a job and putting food on your family's table also part of good health? I would think we should be doing everything we can do to SAVE businesses here, not to cripple them. At a time when all businesses are suffering through a very bad economy and many are going out of business (see Diva and others), they don't need added disincentives to having the public frequent their businesses in Toledo.

I was talking to a guy today who has a bar in Michigan. He tells me that his place is packed. I asked him if the Ohio smoking ban was helping him. He smiled and said that it sure wasn't hurting.

I would like to see the City of Toledo withdraw from the agreement that created the Grossman County Health Department out of several city and regional departments and withhold funds from Grossman. Screw those guys in the county.

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Grand-daddy used to run Canadian whiskey across the line into Michigan and down to Ohio. Great Grandmother was a Temperance woman. I bet there were some hot times in that house!

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

Grossman was TAUGHT history, but he didn't LEARN history.

Either Cleveland or Cincinnati (I don't recall which it is) - are seeing the revival of speakeasies. Cover charge per person & bring your own bottle & smoke & watch strippers do the pole all you want. This will be prohibition all over again - with the same results. Cig smuggling is already huge right now due to high taxes. Where there's a profit to be made - the mob is sure to partake of it. Give Grossman an ax & he can be the next Carry Nation & storm into the bars with smokers & smash the places up.

I have signed on to Uncle Davie's 'A' team.
We have black uniforms that say ' Grossman's Goons" on the front and back.

We are now training in the 'most bang 4 the buck' segment of our training.

It has to do with causing the most damage in as few swings of the ax as possible....

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