Troy Neff Show WCWA: Hear the Numbers on the Trash Fee from Michael Collins

Heard here FIRST on the Troy Neff Show Councilmen Michael D. Collins discusses the benefits of recycling and the trash fee.

Listen to full interview:
Michael Collins Interview

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...would be to recycle a pop can in a small container once every two weeks. This affords the home owner little work, and saves him $10 a month. I recycle two 32 gallong trash cans every two weeks. One can is mostly cans and plastic. The second is newspapers that I do for me and my neighbor. Rather than put out a paper bag of newspapers that the recycling driver won't take if wet I put it into a second garbage can covered with a lid. I think that we'll stil manage to fill the landfill in the next 30 years. Until we find a way to reward the homeowner by how much he recycles (rather than a standard reduction for every homeowner) we'll never see true efficiiency for this service.

Old South End Broadway

I am a retiree. Is it fair for me to vote for any income tax that so many people don't wish to pay? Why should my vote help decide how someone else spends his money. Mr. Collins may be completely correct, but the city government hasn't tried to sell its case. And the "selling" has to come from the Council, not the mayor's office. Too many Toledoans no longer trust the Mayor's statements. Unless the overwhelming majority of the Council can put aside their political machinations, and make a case for the 3/4% tax renewal it isn't going to happen.

Old South End Broadway

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