Kosovo independent, but not a precedent

Kosovo, the southern province of Serbia, declared independence today. So what you say? Well, it has potential, world-wide ramifications. Technically, it may be illegal, but George Bush supports its independence, as do Germany, France, and Britain. Still, other countries have problems with it, including Spain, which is fighting a Basque separatist movement, Slovakia with its Hungarian minority, and other countries with their own minority populations.

The Kurds want to create their own state out of eastern Turkey, northern Iraq, and western Iran. And I'm sure some native American Indians here would love to carve their own country out of what is now the Dakotas, Montana, and Wyoming (if they can wean themselves from the federal teat). Add New Mexico, Arizona, and other states with sizable Indian populations to that list. And maybe the Mexican majority in California will want independence some day.

Condi Rice says, "Kosovo cannot be seen as a precedent for any other situation in the world today. " But that is easier said than done. It does create a future potential headache for any sovereign nation in the world that has a minority or section of the population who wants to be independent. The United States fought a bloody civil war over this very principle.

Many European countries now have growing numbers of immigrants who, if they become numerous and localized enough in the future, may desire some kind of autonomy. How about an Islamic state right in the heart of Europe? Or in Detroit?

The chickens may come home to roost for us in the future because of a not well-thought-out move on our part and our distaste for the Serbian regime that we destroyed. We could be seeing the tiny beginnings of an eventual disintegration of the large, nation states, which could include our own. Hey, maybe Michigan and Ohio can fight their border war all over again some day.


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My mothers family came from the area known then as the Austro-Hungarian empire and I follow with some interest the moves of the former Yugoslavia, even the home village to my mothers parents is now in Romania.
People want to be themselves and return to their home lands and restore the traditions they once enjoyed and the powers now seem to fear that, just as did the U.S. when it came to the Ghost Dance.
What was once cobbled together by the world powers now want to be what they once were and the world powers seek to stop the changes, for reasons not always clear.
"And I'm sure some native American Indians here would love to carve their own country out of what is now the Dakotas, Montana, and Wyoming (if they can wean themselves from the federal teat). Add New Mexico, Arizona, and other states with sizable Indian populations to that list."
Have you been to one of the reserves? The land set aside for the people when they were forced to move have little more than dirt and sky and yet the people remain proud.
Wean themselves? The government sees fit to still administer for the people as if they are still some dependents as they did when the people were thought of us as, to not be able to think for themselves.
I dare say that some of the old ones would tell you of the desire to be free as they once were and be able to move about with pride and dignity, yet they cannot.

"But in Moscow, the upper and lower houses of Parliament released a joint statement signaling an intention to recognize at least two Russian-backed separatist areas in the former Soviet Union — Abkhazia and South Ossetia, both in Georgia.

"Abkhazia and South Ossetia have announced their intention to seek recognition as independent states. Russia has already granted citizenship to most residents of both enclaves and had hinted that it might recognize their independence if Western countries recognized Kosovo...

"The Beijing government, which has threatened military action if Taiwan declares formal independence, voiced “grave concern” over Kosovo’s action."

Yes, NC, I have been to several Indian reservations in the west and know some Native Americans who live there. Those places are among the most unproductive and desolate lands in the nation with sky-high rates of unemployment, suicide, alcoholism, drug use, and domestic violence. Drive through Crow Agency near the Custer Battlefield sometime. It's enough to turn your stomach. It looks like a third-world country. Now if these lands were independent, I'll bet the UN and EU would be in there like beavers helping them get on their feet and providing aid.

My Lakota friends have said to me, you stay away from the Crow, with a smile on their faces.

The people were forced to relocate to the now reserves by the government, as we now. Which is what surprised me when the comment that they should wean themselves was made.

I had a Micmac elder, tell me when I lived in Massachusetts, that his people wanted the land back, I handed him my keys and said here take what I have. We laughed and smiled.

The Seneca have unseeded tribal lands and are in almost constant conflict with New York state, the state and fed's do not want to let go of control or seed more to the first nations people's much like the others that do not want people to be free and form their own enclaves and more.

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