Would it be possible to lengthen the Recent Comments section located on the right side of the screen? When there are a lot of posts, some comments that are just a few hours old drop off the end of the list. It would be helpful to see who commented and what those topics were for an entire day. Just an idea.

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It depends on the title. I can bump it up.

Chris, if you can't lengthen the Recent Comments on the right-hand side of the page, can you create a second page of Recent Comments that we can click on so we can see who commented on what topics? The problem is that today there is a limited number of replies shown for a topic. After the list gets too long the name of the person and topic just go away and a reader loses the sequence of replies to a given topic. I go to the Recent Posts section to see replies that have dropped off the main screen, but it doesn't tell me who replied last and to whom. One can overlook a reply if it's buried in the body of a long number of comments. I hope you can understand this convoluted critique... I barely can. LOL

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