Is concealed carry allowed on College Campuses?

After seeing shootings at VA Tech and at N. Illinois, one wonders if concealed carry is permitted on any college campus - particularly UT. The campus is rather spread out and it would be hard for campus security to respond in a timely manner if some nut job walked in some classroom, ready to take some lives.

Are students who have their CCW's allowed to carry in the classroom? What would the penalty be if a student with a CCW was somehow caught carrying? And if one is not allowed to carry on campus - what if he were to stop a shooting with his illegal weapon before any security showed up?

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...that is posted on the Internet. Here is the link, I wonder if you could "stop" a shooting, or only respond after one has begun. For one thing you have to make an effort at retreat (unless all means of retreat are blocked). Another is that you can be liable to criminal prosecution if you act in defense of another (and that "other" caused the crisis). It wil be interesting to see what happens when students begin to arm themselves, and begin to use their weapons in "self defense".

Old South End Broadway

Well, maybe not stop the entire shooting, but stop a massacre of defenseless students.

Laws and Gun Laws are only for law abiding people. Criminals don’t care about laws. And Ohio’s gun laws are just about stupid! Lets face it. In Ohio if a law abiding person takes all the classes and training and passes all. He or she can get a permit to carry a concealed hand gun.

Now if a store or business owner puts one of those signs on the door that says No Concealed Weapons. Do you really think a criminal will not bring his or her gun with them anyways? The sign will Only keep good law abiding persons from bringing their concealed weapon into that place of business.

Most of us pass many persons carrying a legal gun everyday and don’t ever know it. That’s because they are law abiding. We most likely pass some criminals carrying a gun without a permit and also will never know it.

But why can’t a good person, a law abiding person. Who takes the time to take the classes and the training. Take his or her legal gun to class with them. No one would ever even know. And that’s the best deterrent to the criminal. Not knowing who is armed.

Did you know that in Ohio, any law abiding person may carry a non-concealed gun at any time. Yes. As long as that person is being law abiding at the time.

Also, if a police officer is off duty. He is subject to all the same laws as any other person. He does not need a permit for a concealed hand gun. But he may not go into a place of business that posts one of the signs that forbids concealed weapons.

Laws are only for the good law abiding people. And the 2nd amendment gives us all the right to keep and bare arms. Well, with rights come responsibilities. Don’t pass laws against guns and gun rights. Pass laws that put penalties for not being responsible.

Vote No on Taxes not guns !

So what do you say to a student that wants to start carrying on campus because they have a permit and who knows what kind of people might go on a shooting spree?

Why just college students? Why not let high school and jr high kids who pass a gun safty class carry a gun?

Because they aren't adults, SensorG. That's why.

Mad Jack
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That answer's pretty obvious, isn't it? The same reason we don't let junior high kids vote for the President.

This site,, gives a lot of information about students who support CCW. This link,, shows that "In the fall of 2000, 15.3 million students were enrolled in 2- or 4-year colleges and universities; 12.4 million enrolled as undergraduates." This would seem to indicate that less than 1:1,000 college students are members of this flagship CCW organization for students. This link,, indicates that as of April, 2007 only the University of Utah allowed students to carry concealed weapons on campus. This was passed by the state legislature over the objections of the university’s administration. This link,, has an alternative view to turning universities into armed camps.

This link,, shows another post in which the results are from another view, that supports guns on campus.

Old South End Broadway

I emailed UT security and asked them when I will be able to carry on campus in light of the N. IL and VT shootings. I let them know they are practically giving me a death sentence as I am a sitting duck for any lunatic that wants to come in with guns-a-blazing. Any lunatic can come on campus- they don't even have to be a student and it's so spread out, how would they respond?

You can bet your class schedule has been forwarded to all the right people and you will be 'observed' when you come back on campus. Bet.

You may even 'meet' a few people in the next few days that you never knew existed.

I don't carry anyways. But after these shootings, I am concerned. If they wanna give me a hard time for being concerned about MY LIFE, I'm sure some news outlets might be interested in the story.

Seriously? You worry about this? If you’re loosing sleep over this, how can you even function day to day? The statistical odds of you getting gunned down in class are astronomical. You are much likely to die by lightning, tornado or in an automobile accident on the way to class.

SensorG is right about that. The odds of any individual falling victim to a terrorist shooting like this one are very slim, and you have a much better chance of being struck by lighting or killed in traffic.

Mad Jack
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Wow MJ,

We're agreeing on something. I’m not sure, but this may be a sign of the apocalypse. :)

But the chance is still there. I wonder if students at VT or N IL were caught off guard because the odds were it wouldn't happen. The fact is odds are I will probably not die in a car crash, but I still wear my seat belt (most of the time) and drive with my eyes on the rode. I normally drive carefully because if I don't I COULD die.

On a college campus, it doesn't matter how aware I am of what might happen, I am still unable to protect myself from that possibility making me a potential sitting duck. Oh yeah - we still have that 2nd amendment

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