Carty and the Marines a summary of the last 48 hrs

Carty vs Marines and 7 days later, a rundown of the latest events

This so called ruckus is now going on its seventh day. With spilled milk everywhere, apple carts overturned in every corner, the fan and walls covered with you know what, the collateral damage is not going away anytime soon. Things have only marginally subsided and while the Marine issues seems a year old, there are new issues popping up, mostly because Carty himself continues to upset apple carts. With all of this Cartigula Chaos‘ one wonders if it can ever be cleaned up. It also makes one wonder with the mayoral primary only a little over a year away, if Carty has sealed his fate if he decides to run again. While Carty seems to have appeared to have signed an apology, he still appears to say he made the right decision.
On Saturday, the Blade reports the Carty Collateral Damage‘ may extend to the 3/4% levy renewal.

For some reason Carty needs to have the last word in his 6 things sent by e-mail. While trying to appear to apologize, he speaks out of the other side of his mouth that he did the right thing; very strange. Carty also backtracks on his 06 edict where he says he did not want Marines in Toledo.:

On Friday, Maggie Thurber pondered this same question in her Free Press column:

Also on Friday, the latest edition of the Toledo Free Press went live. In it was coverage on the Marines incident and the collateral damage.

The Free Press included:
The Recon Song -
Snafu -
There go the Marines -
Saluting Carty's decision -
An Open Letter to America’s Soldiers -
Controversy over Marines rejection impacts city's development efforts -

Not only this but, Carty and his mentioning of the F word, intentionally or unintentionally on WJR was a topic of conversation on Friday.

Of course you can hear the edited clip at (Warning Rated R for Language: Note to the kiddies, only follow if you are over 18 or have sat at the rear of the school bus for over a year):

Or the full interview at: or you can get the direct link at:

Of course, this is not enough, the appearance of Carty tossing the late honorable officer Spann under the bus hits the fan and sets the community and police officers off on Friday.

You can hear/read that fallout at:

Fred LeFebvre talks to Mike Murphy about Carty throwing Spann under the bus

Troy Neff speaks to Jack Smith about Carty throwing Spann under the bus.

The Friday Kirk cartoon, tongue in cheek, mentions how the Marines cannot go where ever it wants to go.

Michelle Malkin is watching “The Jerk” and talks about how he drops the F bomb on the Radio.

Also, a National Radio Blog notes that Carty’s slip may still cost WJR “several hundred thousand dollars.” The national blog also says does not sound like the words were mixed.

And Michael Miller guest hosts WSPD’s “Eye on Toledo”, and most of the show is about the Marines vs Carty incident.
You can listen to it here.

Also on Friday you hear Carty being a bit apologetic, maybe after the toasting he took in the Blade on Thursday.

On Thursday, things did not lighten up. The Blade toasts Carty in an editorial and a not so flattering cartoon.

Carty also says he will look at the apology drafted by council. Bloggers around the globe continue to comment on this event.

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