Vote NO on School Tax !

The problem with the School levy is down in Columbus, Ohio. Not with the schools. The dips we sent to Coulmbus desided to vote in new laws that cut taxes for busniess and to put MORE Tax on the backs of the home owners. This is BS! We are taxed to death! Just go to the lucas county website, look up YOUR home or business. You can see the New items you can look up. You can see just how much you pay now. And just how much goes to the schools already! And you can see just what a levy will cost you. AND remember that a tax renewal is not a new tax. But if I vote no will my taxes go down. YES! Also, in Oregon the 5.9 mill their asking for is a PERMANENT TAX. It will Never come up for a vote to renew it. And that is BS. ANd Oregon said that even if this tax levy passes, that they will still need another one next year. More BS! Well, the problem is down in Columbus. But I don't see our local school boards and elected persons doing anything to try to get the problem fixed. They just want to tax and tax. Not an answer to this problem. And a property tax is not a fair way to tax. These taxes should be paid by ALL. Maybe a sales tax that everyone pays. And if you do not own property, you better know that your rent will go up if these pass! I also like how Oregon has changed the Bus pickup for our children. It is a cost saving. Well then why to the bus drivers now park in wallmart for 15 min. in the morning with the bus running burning fuel? It is just to strong arm us into voting for the levy. Well it is long past " I can't afford it" I just don't have the money for it. And even if I wanted it, think about your neighbor. Can they afford it. It's not just about you. Think about your neighbors. I can't pay fot it. Can you? Even if I thought it was needed. But it is NOT! Fix the problem. And thats down in Columbus. Don't Tax my HOME!

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