Has Mayor Finkbeiner done and said enough now to remove him from office?

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I'm not sure why people are so shocked at Carty...he's the same asshole he was the last time he was mayor.

I posted this poll for a cluster of reasons. What set me off about it was Finkbeiner tossing the Marines out of town. This is so incriedibly disrepectful of the military and will no doubt lead to more National Embarrassment.

The OCRC's findings about the Mayor and the Case(s) of the 3 individuals of last weeks news,
The entire list of reasons for the recall attempt last summer, and each day/week he provideds more fodder as proof that he is no longer fit to serve.

( X ) He was never fit to hold the office in the first place.

He's said and done enough things that it could cost the tax payers in the high eight figures. If he peacefully and gracefully resigns his office in the next thirty days it could reduce the liabilities. If he loves Toledo likes he says he does he will resign immediately. If he loves himself with no regard for Toledo or its citizens, he will continue doing whatever he's doing. The longer he stays in office the higher the potential liability may become. Toledo must ask the question. Can Toledo continue to afford CF? If this is what Toledo wants then CF will continue on as Mayor, but at what price? At a reasonable amount or a very large amount?