Court to decide 2nd Amendment question

The Supreme Court is taking up the question of individual gun rights by promising to rule on the D.C. law that currently prohibits handgun ownership. This may be the first time in more than two hundred years that a definitive ruling may be made on the 2nd Amendment rights of individual citizens to own firearms anywhere and in any jurisdiction. This would put to rest the individual versus "militia" controversy about gun ownership as stated in the 2nd Amendment.

An amicus curiae or "Friend of the Court" brief urging the court to rule affirmatively on the question of individual gun rights has been signed by 55 senators and 250 representatives. Among those signing the brief are the following Ohio statesmen: Senator George V. Voinovich (OH, R), Rep. John A. Boehner (OH-8, R), Rep. Steven J. Chabot (OH-1, R), Rep.. David L. Hobson (OH-7, R), Rep. James D. Jordan (OH-4, R), Rep. Steven C. LaTourette (OH-14, R), Rep. Robert E. Latta (OH-5, R), Rep. Deborah D. Pryce (OH-15, R), Rep. Timothy J. Ryan (OH-17, D), Rep. Jean Schmidt (OH-2, R), Rep. Zachary T. Space (OH-18, D), Rep. Patrick J. Tiberi (OH-12, R), Rep. Michael R. Turner (OH-3, R), Rep. Charles A. Wilson (OH-6, D).

Conspicuously absent from the above list is our own representative Marcy Kaptur. I wrote her a letter urging her to sign the amicus brief and received not even the courtesy of a reply from her. I am beginning to side with those who say that Marcy is getting a bit long in the tooth for her job if she can't even answer a constituent's letter. Maybe she mislaid it and forgot she had it.

I also wrote Sherrod Brown, who at least replied with the following: "In previous years, I have voted against any such legislation, which is vehemently opposed by the District’s Mayor and Congressional Delegate, as well as various business and tourism interests in Washington, D.C. This legislation would infringe upon the sovereignty of the District by repealing nearly every facet of D.C.’s locally enacted gun safety laws. I am aware that many of my constituents who recognize Second Amendment rights, as I do, also oppose federal intervention in state and local issues. D.C. firearms laws are a local issue." He didn't agree with me, but he replied stating his reasons. I can respect that.

The Supreme Court ruling could be the most important pronouncement about American gun ownership in our history. We could end up like a lot of other countries that have NO rights of guns. "We're talking about law-abiding folks -- like you and me -- who cannot exercise their rights simply because of the city they live in," said Sen. Jon Tester, D-Montana. "Our founders didn't intend for the laws to be applied to some folks and not to others. They didn't mean for the laws to apply at some times and not others."

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It is clear to me that the second amendment is an individual right, and has been abused for years. For anyone who disagrees, equate the second amendment to the first and see how you feel about it then, because that's what your opinion is based on: feelings. Logic plays no part.

The real question is not how the USSC will rule, because that's already been decided. Otherwise, the case would never have been allowed to go this far. No, I predict that the USSC will rule that any law prohibiting firearms is completely constitutional. That raises a new question, which is: What will you do when the gestapo serve a no-knock warrant to you at three in the morning? They'll be looking for guns and ammo, but it won't matter what the gestapo finds or does not find. They'll put you and your family in handcuffs, tear up your home and shoot your dog and cat. If you're lucky, they'll leave you with a copy of the warrant and a warning to be more careful next time.

But this won't happen to you, right? Look at what the police did in Lima, Ohio - and the "investigation" is about 30 days old and still not finished. Look how the Toledo police treat anyone who isn't wealthy, white and connected to the Finkbinder machine. You don't have to take my word for that, just ask a few folks from Toledo to recount their experiences with the TPD.

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