On second thought

In regards to the thoughts I had posted on a possible solution to one of our healthcare issuues.
My thoughts were to use non-custodial parents responsiblities and merge them with medicaid to provide a better managment of healthcare for our children. The reponse's I recieved were for the most part positive. I felt we could do this without using our tax money. Just increasing child-suport to compensate. Yet, on second thought, even if we were able to manage this care through the parents (both) financial responsilbility's, I realize that our tax dollars would be spent on the manpower to see it through. We would need more caseworkers, paperwork, and mindpower. Which would eventually end up in the tax payers wallet. So there really is no easy, lightbulb solution. But then again, don't we have single, partnership, and senior households that pay taxes for our children's education. But yet are paying taxes for education when they have no children or thier children have left the nest paying thier taxes. Why should they have to pay more property tax? They have paid thier dues. So really Toledo, which I do dearly love, can we not come together as a community as try to develop solutions to the day to day and long term issues that affect us now and the future of our children. Instead of crituiqeing our everymove we should say, "That idea may help, let's work on it. See what we can do with it" My question to you Toledo.. How do we help each other? Our elderly, our young, our working poor, and our wish they where working but nothing's there? How do we teach our young mothers and fathers that they can raise a loving family and be a productive citizen? This is not rocket science, we just need to figure out the formula to make the rocket soar. And we can.
I Love you Toledo
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