Rev. Floyd Rose’s Want List? (revised)

Rev. Floyd Rose’s Want List? (revised)

Yesterday on the Troy Neff Show the Rev. Floyd Rose did not want to disclose the black community’s want list if the ¾% tax is defeated. However, he did say that his group is using the tax to bring people to the negotiating table. Mayor Finkbeiner calls the show after the interview with Rev. Floyd Rose.

Listen to the three part interview
Part #1 includes:
• Warning to Michael D. Collins.
• Why defeat the ¾% sales tax?
• Misuse of black preachers by Mayor Finkbeiner.

Part #2 Includes:
• Mrs. Griffin and Michael Ashford
• Democratic party

Part #3 Includes:
• Discrimination
• Apples on the Ground
• Want List


Mayor Finkbeiner calls after the interview:

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I was impressed by both callers. Rev. Rose certainly defended what he did in the case of the black man who was sexually assaulted. Michael Collins certainly has his position, but I can't find anything that Rev. Rose did wrong, except perhaps to lose patience with the system and attempt to move things along. Such men can be a pain in the butt to "the Establishment". The Mayor presents good reasons for he has done (if they can be supported before the Ohio Civil Rights Commission). The repeal of the 3/4% income tax will not affect me directly since I am not required to pay such a tax on my retirement. I imagine that many in the inner city that the mayor speaks of aren't affected by such a tax on their income since they have little to begin with. So this attempt to get "our" attention might well back-fire. Again, the proof will happen sometime in the future.

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