Ben & Jerry's in fight over hormone labeling


Ben & Jerry's Homemade, one of the first companies to label its ice cream as free of a synthetic hormone, is protesting a move by some states, including Ohio, to restrict such labeling...[more]

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Got to love the “free market”… Here a small company is trying to better market it’s product by no using chemicals or drugs and Big Business backed by politicians thwart it.

Creekstone a cattle producer wanted to test all of it’s cattle for mad cow and certify it as such. Then the Bush stepped it.

The Bush administration said Tuesday it will fight to keep meatpackers from testing all their animals for mad cow disease.

Larger meat companies feared that move because, if Creekstone should test its meat and advertised it as safe, they might have to perform the expensive tests on their larger herds as well.

“Free Market” means nothing but “Big Business”.

Why do you blame "free markets"? Shouldn't the finger-pointing go towards faulty govt?

Here are a couple links about their suppresion of truth on that wonderful right-wing "News" box, FOX:


Wow what a good video jhos.

It successfully demonstrates some of the problems of today's media. Unfortunately you put "Here are a couple links about their suppresion of truth on that wonderful right-wing "News" box,"

As a journalist let me be the first to tell you it's not just FOX. It's CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, Cumulus, Clear Channel, Air America, Media Matters, Block Communications, and just about any other media source you can find.

The old adage says that freedom of the press is a freedom extended only to those who own a printing press.

Once you realize that they're all giving you a one sided point of view you'll be less affected by propaganda.



Oh no... trust me I know. I'm just particularly disgusted with FOX, hence the call out.


The biggest problem with Fox is they're the more sensationalistic of the media. Sadly the other networks are following their lead.



How much news do you get that doesn’t come from GE, Time Warner/AOL, Disney, Viacom, News Corp or Clear Channel?

These 6 companies, plus with about a dozen smaller (relative) companies control just about everything you read, watch or hear.

This is why net neutrality is so important.

Objectivity in the media is both an American ideal and fairly new.

Only the last hundred years has American media stressed objectivity. Prior to that the media was owned by political parties and other interest groups.

In every other country except the US and UK it's essentially the same. Media are still run in that fashion.

Does this mean suppression of voices? Not necessarily. Today there are more books published than ever, more television stations, more radio stations.

Essentially what is happening is our media is shifting from mass appeal to individual appeal. We'll really see this in a few years with HD radio. There will be more stations geared to more selective audiences. We'll probably see a rise of independent media just as we have in the independent book and magazine publishing.



Except most of the radio stations and TV stations are owned by GE, Time Warner/AOL, Disney, Viacom, News Corp or Clear Channel?

Yea, I saw this tonight on to love the "D".

of girls starting their periods at 8 years of age. Ovarian and breast cancer rates are off the charts.

No...hormones in our food aren't doing anything to us. Just lowering the cost of producing the food and thereby raising the profit margin.

Feed your daughters milk, ice cream and beef. Who doesn't know this? Why do they think shutting Ben and Jerry's up will make this heinous crime against humans in the name of profit ok?

If you're here to tell me it's my fault - you're right. I meant to do it. It was alot of fun. That's why I have this happy smile on my face.

Well maybe we should think about voting for politicians that AREN'T in the pockets of big corp. Here's a start... Obama.

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