Ashford: Mayor has record of bias

"Toledo's African-American community is frustrated
with the city, at least one black minister is praying for the city, and
Councilman Michael Ashford says Mayor Carty Finkbeiner has a record of
Mr. Ashford, reacting yesterday to the finding of the Ohio Civil Rights
Commission that Mr. Finkbeiner retaliated against three black employees
last year by firing two and laying one off, said the findings are
nothing new with the mayor.
"He was found guilty of discrimination in his first two terms. There
were many lawsuits filed against him," said Mr. Ashford, one of three
black city councilmen. He was ousted as president on Jan. 2 in favor of
Councilman Mark Sobczak after the mayor broke a tie vote in Mr.
Sobczak's favor.

Councilman Ashford said he believed racial discrimination was a factor
in Mr. Finkbeiner's decision to get rid of the three employees."

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The list is long. I just read Lisa's research over on GCJ. What a list!

I was reading through all the news articles and I found it interesting how CF picks and chooses what is credible and what is not. CF says the OCRC ruling found him not guilty of being a racist . I read the findings on line and it says, The Commission finds no probable cause based on race. The findings did not say CF wasn't a racist. People think because CF mistreats everybody like crap that he can't have racist motives when he treats a person of color or a woman badly. He can be an ass-hole and a racist at the same time. I truly believe CF thinks he is not a racist, but like most of his thoughts, his belief is that he is not a racist is greatly distorted. If he really cares about Toledo the way he says he does, he should resign immediately.

I have been accused of racism. I don't think I am, but, in my heart of hearts, I realize differences. I had a friend from India who once pointed out that "discrimination" was once considered a good thing. To be "discriminating" meant that you made choices (usually between what is good, and what is bad). Does being racist mean that I am supposed to give anyone who darker of shade than me a "pass" for everything that he does that I find reprehensible. If the black cummunity has over half their births out of wedlock then ma I supposed to ignore this as a source of poverty, and a possible source of lawless individuals in the future?

My neighbor across the street is a black man. I have loaned him money, and he has paid me back. He has offerred to help me work on my car (I am not good with that kind of thing). He has served this nation over seven years in the Army (on a six year enlistment). I highly value him as an individual. But then I've also had a black drug dealer go into my house, and steal things because my renter (white) was a coke addict, and he was trying to get things to sale to recoup his sale of drugs to this white man who didn't pay his debts.

One thing is for sure: I have always felt an obligation to vote for every tax and levy for the public good. I no longer feel that obligation. Rev. Rose has cured me of that.

Old South End Broadway

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