Recycling Gets Blown to Hell

Well, I just spent about 15 minutes going along my block collecting my recycling (I have two cans, one for mostly newspaper, and the other for everything else). The "everything else" (mostly cat food cans, some pop cans and plastic milk jugs) can was laying on its side across the street while in the distance i heard what i assumed was one of "my” cans rolling (or sliding, because i usually crush them) down the street. As I lightly cussed Mother Nature under my breath I began to gather my recycling to my bosom. I put the first load in my plastic trash can, and dragging it, went looking for more. I found cans for a half block on both sides of the street. I thought about leaving them but I figured that’s not the way to be a good neighbor. So I gathered them while trying not to make too much noise as I tossed them in with the already captured recycling. Then I brought the can in (along with my elderly neighbor’s recycling which was also in the street). Nature made a hash of my recycling efforts this night..

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we lost power last night sometime...but at least it came back on. Trash cans are all over the place in the I feel for ya OSEB...not fun to chase stuff in the wind.

The moment I heard 50 mph winds were possible I decided to wait until the morning to take out our stuff. I'm glad I waited because the neighborhood is littered with garbage.

I never put out my recyclable till the morning of colections. It also keeps the pickers from making a mess.

After the third time out setting my bin back upright and collecting my trash I gave up and just put the thing back in my yard. Guess I'll have even more for them in a couple of weeks.
I guess its a good thing I wasn't at work today or I'd have come home to a trashy neighborhood.

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