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I am considering buying a new game console but I am undecided which one. Amongst the 3 leading contenders (X-box360, PS3 or Nitendo Wii) I am leaning towards the PS3. The price tag is a bit steep for my wallet right now ( guess I will wait till my rebate comes in) but the game play looks awsome and I cant wait to play Call Of Duty on it.

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I have an old X-Box and I’d like to get a new counsel, but since I’ve had kids (2 under 4) I haven’t had the time.

I wish there were more toddler friendly games out there. I just can’t justify getting a new system knowing that I can’t play any of the games till after 8pm when the kids go to sleep.

I discovered that there are three flavors of XBOX 360. There is the XBox 360 Arcade (cheapest), Xbox 360 Console (Mid-range) and the XBox 360 Elite. The Elite comes with everything including the 120gb hd that you would probably end up upgrading the other two versions to anyhow. So while the upfront cost may run you a bigger $ if you plan to get the maximum use out of the console, you would probably be better off buying the high-end model from the start.

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what you decide. I don't have too much time for games, and when I do I just play a couple on my computer.

I do like the first person shooters (Halo) and simulator games like 4x4 Evolution.

I seem to like the x box but the Wii looks cool.

...the other brother's three kids have a Wii, and the whole family gets exercise while using the computer. Six of one, half dozen of the other.

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