Port Authority President Hartung is urged to give back 3.5 percent raise


Toledo-Lucas County Port Authority President James Hartung got a 3.5 percent raise from his board of directors yesterday, but several local leaders urged him to give it back.

Port directors who led the vote to increase the president’s salary from $172,140 to $178,165 said his leadership and the port’s recent performance justify the increase. But Lucas County commissioners said that’s trumped by the weak regional economy.

“These are tough times, and everywhere we turn, people are hurting,” said Tina Skeldon Wozniak, president of the Lucas County commissioners.

She and fellow commissioner Pete Gerken said they plan to forgo statutory raises this year and said Mr. Hartung should follow suit. Toledo Mayor Carty Finkbeiner also urged the port president to refuse the raise.

Mr. Hartung said that if he were to consider forgoing the raise, he would have to consult “a higher authority” — his wife and family.


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after taking the income poll, and seeing only 2 people are above $100,000, it bugs me that he has to think about not taking the raise? i'm sure there is just a small percentage of toledoans making over $170,000. the increase also gets to me. a 3.5% raise in this economy is CRAZY, especially someone making that kind of money!

I think he should take the raise. Good performance should be rewarded. His agency is doing well because he and his staff have performed well. Why should he reject a performance raise because the other County and City Officials may not be performing well. The City and County should look at him as a role model and emulate what he is doing instead of trying to pull him back into the crab barrel.

I agree. He's getting results and he should keep it.

Tina, Pete and Carty are not getting results and as such they SHOULD give theirs back.

Also littered, a 3.5% is actually pretty standard. Inflation is long term averages about 3%. The 3.5% is a business standard to keep salaries above inflation.

It's true even of our federal government. Most federal employees are guaranteed 3% but get more when the budgets are released. Currently it's law that our military receives a 3% raise which they just got this month. The military budget has stalled in the legislation so they have not gotten the 3.5% that was promised. However it will probably pass by the summer and the .5% that was left off will be retroactively paid to service members.



"Also littered, a 3.5% is actually pretty standard. Inflation is long term averages about 3%. The 3.5% is a business standard to keep salaries above inflation."

how many people actually got a 3.5% raise this year? the company my husband works for was originally going to give a 1% raise, but decided to go with a 1.5% raise instead.

You are confusing government with private sector.

Yes the government generally keeps it's raises at the inflation level. However most government salaries are lower than their private business equivalent. The lure to work for the government vice private business is normally benefits so salaries can be less but if they're not kept up with inflation they quickly lose more and more to the private sector.

If your husband wants a higher raise every year he should apply for a government job however I'm willing to bet he'd take a pay cut in doing so.



it's interesting that the private sector does not give it's employees appropriate raises to compensate for the cost of living, frustrating. no, my husband would not opt for a government job. it would make our conversations that much more interesting since we cancel each other out when we vote.

I know all of the University of Toledo employees (at least the hourly employees) get a 2.5-4% raise every year depending on the budget. Just look up the national hourly wages to see wage growth. You'll find that 3% is pretty typical.

Let me get this straight.... Mr. Hartung's Board votes 9 to 1 to give him a raise and others outside the Port Authority say he should forgo it? I thought our goal was to KEEP PEOPLE in Toledo and not push them away. Mr. Hartung is doing a good job under troubling economic and political times in Toledo and Lucas County. The County Commisioners should worry about THEIR spending with our money. I trust The Board of Directors know a little more about Mr. Hartung's value than Ms. Wozniak or Mr. Gerken.

that is a heck of a lot of money.. but if he deserves it, he should get it. positive results should be rewarded...

According to the article, Mr. Hartung said, “There are several families that depend on my paycheck.”

Sounds to me like he is ALREADY foregoing some of his income.

Another thought... if Mr. Hartung gave his raise away to a needy charity, would the naysayers have any valid reason to complain about the income he earned?

“There are several families that depend on my paycheck.”

we have no idea what this means, and who, if anyone, he is referring to. we can only speculate. besides if he was truly being charitable he should not announce it to the world, and have it be private.

we give to several organizations and take a portion out of each check to do it. we also don't brag to my husband's employer in hopes for more money. i said this because i do understand what it means to give back to others. we have been blessed, so we bless others.

yes, i was complaining about my husband getting a tiny raise, but even if he didn't get anything, we would still have enough and continue to give, and we make a lot less that he does.

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