Was Thompson blackballed by conservatives?


A well-known pro-family and evangelical leader is expressing sadness over Fred Thompson's decision to pull out of the 2008 Republican presidential race, and rebuking fellow conservatives who tried to sink his campaign. Gary Bauer says Thompson was the victim of identity politics during his White House bid.

Thompson supporter Gary Bauer of American Values says the former Tennessee senator's third-place finish in the South Carolina primary, as well as the declining health of his ailing and aged mother, were both factors in his decision to drop out of the race. Bauer, a former Republican presidential candidate, says Thompson's departure is a great loss from a conservative pro-family standpoint.

"He was a good candidate with a great record on the life issue and on other issues we care about," says Bauer, "and I'm saddened that some leaders of our movement attacked him and treated him as if he were the enemy when he is much, much better than most of the candidates who have a chance of getting the nomination."

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Who attacked him? Limbaugh was behind commenting on some of his speeches as "pure conservatism." His campaign was disorganized from the very beginning and his strategy of going after S. Carolina only? I gotta question that. I thought he might be something before he jumped in the race - especially when he put out that video in you-tube replying to Michael Moore and smoking his cuban.

This guy ran the laziest campaign out there, except for Rudy 911. If Sean Hannity wasn't polishing Rudy's knob on TV and Radio every day, I would have even know he was running.

If the Republicans have blackballed anyone, it was Ron Paul.

and Fred might have done better had he been shown more often with his smokin' hot wife who's what...30 years younger than him, LOL?

McCaskey, would it be wrong of us to push for a separate First Lady candidacy? For me it would be a toss up between Jeri Thompson and Elizabeth Kucinich.

And, in the case of Hillary, Bill could campaign in the 'First Lady' category, and he'd get to 'rub elbows' (or something else) with Jeri and Liz .

"My time is up. You've been a great crowd. Give it up for Climax Blues Band."

I am shocked by this news. Fred Thompson was running for President??

haha...that never gets old

I believe Thompson didn't really want to be in the race. He was pressured to join it to add more conservatism to a otherwise moderate crowd. I never believed he could actually get the nomination.

I also believe had he not joined the field Gingrich would have for the same reason.

I think it's unfortunate that more politicians don't follow the way those two came to power. They decided a national platform, got others to get on board, and actually put it in writing. You don't see that type of campaign that much today.



The real question is who will Thompson supporters side with?

The evangelicals will most likely go with Huckabee but the rest I think are up for grabs.



I don't think he was blackballed, I don't know who really took him on. I am looking at Giuliani or Romney now. I heard Huckabee on the Hannity show and was not impressed with his responses.

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