Rev. Rose Returns to turn around Toledo

I just learned the Rev. Floyd Rose has decided to return to Toledo to turn the city around. Apparently Toledo has problems that no one knows about but that are in need of fixing.

It will be interesting to see how the Rev. Rose and his honor get along after such a long absence. Perhaps its true that the heart grows fonder for those who have been away. We will have to wait and see. Whatever the case may be Rev. Rose's return is certain to be news worthy.

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Rose returned to help establish a chapter of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference which Perlean Griffin will head as president.

Here is the link to the story from the Blade.

Rose is supposed to be flying home tomorrow. But I am sure he will be back.

tonight which was very well attended by the movers and the shakers in the black community. This was a call to action and was the inaugural meeting of the Toledo branch of the SCLC which was founded by Dr. Martin Luther King and is now headed by Pealean Griffin.

In attendance was Deborah Barnett, Larry Sykes, Juanita Green, Step Up Toledo, Pete Culp, Tyrone Sturdivant, Ben Williams, Dwayne Moorehead, Rep. Edna Brown, ministers and many more people who I know by face but not by name.

The issues are that Toledo is 50 years behind the rest of America when it comes to discrimination and unfair treatment of minorities and women in all branches of government. Lucas County Board of Elections has a lawsuit filed against it because according to the Blade, --- "The lawsuit, filed electronically Sunday in U.S. District Court in Toledo, also claims that the board's executive director, Jill Kelly, was an insensitive boss who routinely spouted obscenities and racial epithets around the office." --What kind of person would do this in the workplace of a government agency in the 21st Century? What kind of city would not denounce this type of behavior?

We all know about the problems in the Mayors office as they have been discussed here at length. This is why the people feel a need for an organization of this type.

I was there also and it was an impressive turnout from the communities. The problems that Toledo has and no one knows about? Well, it depends on who is getting screwed and who isn't. Most citizens who don't live in the African American Communities don't think there is a problem because they don't feel the pain from the problems and they are not the one's being targeted. I remember during the Civil Rights movement in the 1960's that Southern cities kept saying their colored people were so happy until those darn activist came there to fight for their right to vote and get citizens registered to vote. It's very typical that the ones who are oppressing the oppressed never think there is a problem.

By the way, purnhrt, I didn't get a chance to speak with you last night , but maybe next time.

Well red hot damn! The matches are going to hit the gasoline now, or everyone from here to Detroit will know the reason why.

I thought Floyd was dead, but I guess that those rumors were greatly exaggerated. Who's he going to attack first?

And by the way Purnhrt, the real issue is not that Toledo is 50 years behind the rest of America when it comes to discrimination and unfair treatment of minorities and women in all branches of government., it's that a plethora of discrimination and abuse exist within the local government as well as the State government, and people have become so accustomed to abusive, discriminatory treatment that these conditions are accepted as a normal environment.

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

"it's that a plethora of discrimination and abuse exist within the local government as well as the State government, and people have become so accustomed to abusive, discriminatory treatment that these conditions are accepted as a normal environment."

I'm curious what you mean by this. I understand the Toledo mayor's administration but I don't understand the state gov't portion you're speaking of.

Personally I feel the problem is not discrimination. The problem is the areas of the city with problems (mostly they're black communities) are a large voting block that has supported the mayor and other career politicians who have done very little to help. If they organized their voting block and demanded that their politicians work for them instead of fill a check in the box for the politicians they're concerns might actually be dealt with.

This is mainly the problem on the national scale as well. Too many candidates that got the support from minorities did little to help them besides lip service speeches to give them a warm and fuzzy feeling. Hopefully a black candidate in this election gets them excited politically and brings their issues to the forefront.



I must be mad myself, but I am in total agreement with your last paragraph. That is too scary!!!

"The issues are that Toledo is 50 years behind the rest of America when it comes to discrimination and unfair treatment of minorities and women in all branches of govt. "

I live in the old South End. I don't see government as the problem.
How about parents that don't know/are not parenting their kids.
How about people with big dogs and cars , but no job skills - and this is not a black or white problem to quote Mr. Rose in the paper , it is the challenge for all young people- Get a job skill, get parenting skills if you are going to be a parent . As long as community leaders see govt as a problem or solution , then they are missing their greatest problems- the people !

I understand the Toledo mayor's administration but I don't understand the state gov't portion you're speaking of.

I'm deliberately keeping this vague so as to protect the people involved, some of whom still work for the State.

A close friend discovered that the women in her department were all being paid less than the men for doing the same job. Minority women were the lowest paid, and this included all minorities. In other words, everyone who was not a WASP. My friend helped to start a labor union, and as a result the pay was equalized, and those who were discriminated against received back pay.

After that, management never missed a chance to make my friend's life miserable. She retired from the State of Ohio, which was a good move on her part.

The abuse and discrimination still continue, but it's much better now than it was.

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

Thank you for your explanation. I can appreciate the need for not revealing facts and remaining vague but I had not heard any stories of discrimination at the state level, at least not the way it has in Toledo.

Just to add an outsiders perspective. My wife, native to Minnesota and having lived in Virginia for a number of years, can't wait for us to move from this area. When I asked her why she said it was because Toledo has some of the most racist people she ever met. And she was referring to both black and white citizens of Toledo. In fact I think she equated it to the Gaza Strip without the bombings.



That's interesting, Mikey. I moved here many years ago via the West coast and thought the same thing as your wife. I had never experienced those overt racial attitudes and comments anywhere else before. Matter of fact, I was talking to a guy yesterday who was talking about the blankety-blanks. I am not even fazed anymore when I hear that stuff. I just ignore it.

is that really you?

and only! Thanks, Purnhrt.

The union business was no laughing matter. I offered to go and adjust a few attitudes using old school logic, but she wouldn't let me. I did bodyguard duty a few times, and found out things were a whole lot more serious than I'd ever imagine. Sorry I can't name names, but a promise is a promise, and I promised.

I understand that John Grishom has a new book coming out around the end of the month and he addresses a few issues in the story. I'm told that Mr. Grishom would provide a lot of pro bono work for clients with difficult cases, and he writes about the appeal process.

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

Against the backdrop of issue 7 and issue 1 signs, the mayor said that "for the resident of Valdosta, Georgia or any other state to campaign for the defeat of a school levy and a payroll tax levy in Toledo, Ohio is irresponsible and uncaring."

Was he referring to Rev. Rose because I did not hear that part about the TPS Levy.? Of course the TPS levy should be defeated until they can show that more money will improve the schools.

When a person in the neighborhood said to me, put that loaf of bread in a bag please.
I asked why. He told me, being that he was a black man, and he was seen walking down the street with a loaf of bread in his hand, people would think he stole it. I did as he asked.
This was in 2007 and I felt like I time warped back to 1957.
I did not understand the reasons for the riots in 67' in Detroit, although I do remember watching the news reports and this link lays out some of the underlying reasons and it seems that some of the reasons are still with us.
We are still haunted by the ghosts of the past and yet we hold ourselves out as a nation of equals.

the more difficult it will be to move forward towards the future.

And as long as there are seperation of races, no matter the capacity, there will never be "equality".

It should not be a "racial" thing to strike down both levies, but more of a "fiscal responsibility" issue.

I live in Florida and even from here I can see it would be "irresponsible of Toledo/Lucas County government" to extort your vote to placate their agendas. I'd vote against to purge the freeloaders and see how many offices are nepotism-heavy. And yes, it's worth it to put these spendthrifts in as fiscally tense an environment as it's citizens.

We could have a " FINK v. FLOYD" championship boxing match to determine the fate of the tax. Winner take all.

I can hear it now...

In this corner, we have the 'Pride of Perrysburg' - conartist extroadinaire, master of deception, and bane of the working people - with the bright red face and smoke coming from his ears, the 'wanna learn how to be a real mayor' - CARTEL-TON S. FINKBEINER !

And in this corner, we have the 'Pride of Jawja' - racist emeritus, wannabe reformer and all around jerk - with the perpetual scowl on his face and discontent dripping from his lips - Mr. 'If it ain't my bizness I'll make it my bizness' -
The never-end 'rever-end' -

but not good enough to remain up 15 times :) I accidentally deleted your apology post. That is what you get editing on a palm, sorry about this. I still wonder what is so special with your setup to allow this to happen. You are a special case indeed, maybe a result of you drinking your sister in the stew. Take it out on the russian guards, not here. :)

to speak of 'special case' status, no indeed.

However, I am somewhat perplexed by your commentary in re: my sister, stew, and russian guards. Can you TX me on that one? Darlene has the #.

P.S. FYI, I am a non-drinker. Except for a very short stint in 06, been that way for 14 years.

You would never know it from the media in this town. They don't like to confuse their news with facts.
The story runs much deeper than that.

As to the stew comment, et al - Thanks for the link. I do seem to vaguely remember that part of my life. It was so long ago. Some sort of repressed memory, I suppose. That would explain my dislike of soups.

Thanks for the reminders.


The other Two are:
RAINBOW/PUSH (actually there are two of these in name only - one is a paper tiger)
& BAM (Building A Movement) meeting March 18 in the McMaster Center of TLCPL
(for info call Dr. Rubin Patterson at UT 419-530-7252).

When are we going to have a 3rd For Children?
(btw - the full name is "The Committee of the Whole for the Quality of Life in the Black Community", p. 4 of the Jan.23 "Truth")
Also p.10 to see where Larry Sykes will impact children next.
Jack certainly oscillates on p.3 & 5 "My View" - Toledo Community Foundation & United Way (think beneath the surface & you will see the Good & The Ugly).


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