a little something different to enjoy

I have been enjoying the feed, and as of Monday, they just peeked thier heads up over the nest.

Eagle Cam

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thanks for sharing :)

5:45 and daddy came home with regurgitated beef!

with all else that is going on, I just felt that something beautiful and different was in order, and this was the best I could come up with!

I wish I could remember the link, there was a site with cams on volcanos and near the one some one had sat a stuffed purple dino (not barney). it was one of those goofy harmless things that was fun to stumble across on the net

I've found myself, after finding out where they are, seeking net-cams and going to them and hula.

When I was in Toledo during the passing of my mother, I found myself out on Airport Highway at Spring Meadows doing a jig across the road for friends back here.

Shame our area here is too desolate to warrant such an entertaining device.

and they're starting to molt!

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