Roe v Wade, 35 years later . PP pioneer Margaret Sanger's vision of lowering black population

Is coming to pass.
Europe's native population is dying.

Toledo library originally censored the book about this.
There is healing for those involved in abortion

WND Exclusive Library censors Planned Parenthood exposé
Author decries policy of 'politically correct' book banning
Posted: June 6, 2000
1:00 a.m. Eastern

By Patrick Poole
© 2000

A Toledo, Ohio, family is looking for answers after officials at the Toledo-Lucas County Public Library rejected their book donation for being "too political."

Dean and Melanie Witt, regular library patrons, submitted the book in question, "Killer Angel," George Grant's critical biography of Planned Parenthood's founder, Margaret Sanger, after they discovered that none of the nearly two dozen books on Sanger held by the library mentioned her controversial views on race or her association with high-ranking Nazi eugenics officials.

Melanie Witt told WorldNetDaily that she had donated the books (two copies) to help promote an academic balance to the library's weighted collection on the topic.

"We purchased the books ourselves and didn't ask them to remove anything from the library. We just thought that they at least ought to be providing another perspective," she said.

Officials at the library's Holland branch initially accepted Grant's biography, but central office staff intervened and rejected the book donation. Anthony Schafer, manager of the library's history, travel and biography travel section, said in a letter to the Witts that "the author's political and social agenda, which is strongly espoused throughout the book, is not appropriate."......

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but thought provoking .
Our society is moving in the direction of life for all.
It will take many decades, just like it has for us to treat dogs and cats with dignity, it will happen for babies too, born and unborn.

Her ideas on that topic may have sucked but the Planned Parenthood vision of teaching girls and women how to control their own bodies/reproduction is a good one..

Mission Statement:

Planned Parenthood of Northwest Ohio, Inc. promotes the fundamental right of every person to:

Make informed and voluntary decisions regarding reproductive health and human sexuality
Receive comprehensive reproductive health care with dignity and privacy

Nothing in that statement sounds racist to me. She may have thought that way but her vision didn't end that way.

30- 35 % of abortions are perfomed on black women,
they are less than 15% of the population.
- PP is the largest abortion provider in America.
-Toledo PP should stop giving out its local Margaret Sanger award if they truly don't believe in her.

PP denies the increasing volume of research linking abortion
with breast cancer and mental problems.
PP does provide alot of women with birth control, but abortion has long term psychological and physical consequences.

What right does the fetas have after a woman makes the decision to murder her child? Planned Parenthood's mission statment is nothing but a disquise to kill babies.

"All evil and unhappiness in this world comes from the I-concept."

"All evil and unhappiness in this world comes from the I-concept."

The only reason that I can see for the library rejecting the book is that there is no "pathetic pack of lies" designation in the Dewey Decimal system. The "too political" reason given by the library was obviously just a polite euphemism. That Grant has co-authored books with literary luminaries such as Huckabee and Alan Keyes is really no surprise.

since that fraud and foreigner is on record for being so pro-abortion, and we know a disproportionate amount of abortions, of mass murder, is against preborn black children.

Obama Aborts America's Future

Kudos to Dean and Melanie Witt for donating the book, "Killer Angel."

The library didn't even buy Beyond Babylon, saying their "funds were limited," so I responded, "then local authors should be given top priority," but went ahead and donated it myself. I think it's a sad commentary on Toledo when our own library doesn't help promote its local authors!

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