Mayor Carty Finkbeiner Invites You

Mayor Carty Finkbeiner Invites You To A City Celebration
Come Celebrate Toledo - An Award Winning City!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008
5:45 PM - 7:00 PM
One Seagate





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You gotta be kidding me, NC. I can't believe that you are posting this stuff on this site. Are you promoting this delusional clown ? His massive ego needs to be stroked as he relives that farce that was played out in London.

I am curious as to why you do not spend this much time and energy on your OWN site.

Look at all your entries here. Seems as though you are the self-appointed town crier.
Technos have a phrase they use - something like 'word hog' . Maybe it's 'blog-hog''

Get a life.

it's just a post. Why don't you pop a valium or something.

Wow. Take a yoga class or something. I think I might actually go to the function.

Look around you when you are there...
Tell me if you feel like a lamb being led to intellectual slaughter.

Maybe instead of reacting to the person posting the item, after all, it is our city and we have opinions about our city, you could aim the frustration with the acts and actions of the leadership at the leadership.

The idea of a presentation about what appears to be the winning of the award, seems topical and your post in some ways proves the point.

"I am curious as to why you do not spend this much time and energy on your OWN site."
Who is to say, that while there may not be as many posts on the Neighborhood Concerns site, there is not more going on that you are not aware of?

Are you falling for this crap ?"
And just a FYI, the last time I fell for anything, it was down a small flight of stairs.

Making an announcement about this kind of thing does not necessarily promote it.

Nor does it necessarily stroke a person's ego, unless of course someone presumes to know another's motivation to attend or thoughts about it.

Attending one of these kinds of things is not necessarily an endorsement. any more than merely walking into a Wal-Mart makes someone a customer. (one is a customer only if somone buys something). Making the RSVP does not automatically mean that someone would actually be going to "Celebrate."

Depending on one's ability to become informed and to be as fair and respectful as possible, he/she could possibly see this for what it actually is--nothing more, nothing less.

Now, does all of that mean I think that it is necessary for the event to be re-enacted nearly 2 months later? Especially in consideration of the facts that there were opportunities to see the presentation before, during and immediately after?

No. But, I've been watching this from the beginning.
(I do wonder about what modifications will be made to the presentation).

Wondered the same thing, now, that the hoopla has settled down.
The Mayor went on a bus trip, the first of the year, and came back with more places not acting in a prideful manner.
And maybe he can explain, how one lives near the city center, and yet live near Maumee. It is more of being accurate then prideful.

Toledo #74 "The list below ranks the cities from most dangerously drunk to least dangerously drunk."

Ohio #1 in nation for home forclosures and Toledo #1 in Ohio.
"Foreclosure filings have more than tripled in the County during this time period with lenders filing record numbers of foreclosures."

Toledo #7 in the nation for worst air

Toledo, 3RD WORST PLACE for single people

Toledo #93 WORST for urban Sprawl

"a highly uneducated population, struggling economy, bland nightlife; its hard to imagine living here.The zoo is decent, and there are some notable fine art attractions." "Another town in the dying rustbelt of the midwest"

Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

What is interesting to me about the replies to the Sperlings Best Places-Toledo is the number of respondents who criticized the people here for being rude, uneducated, and a lot of other unflattering adjectives. That's YOU and ME they were talking about! I am not a Toledo native, but I always thought that, despite the employment problems and local economy, the people were one of Toledo's bright spots. I was very surprised to see those negative responses about Toledoans.

Perhaps if the city were to raise its drinking score to the upper 80's, the romantic chemistry score would go up as well for single people.

I moved here about 15 years ago, now, wow how time flies.
I find the glad handing about the city to be great but it fails to address the other side of the coin.
It tends to obscure the need for change and improvement. The Mayor is big on pride and a clean city, just reported a mound of trash and trash bags spilled at vacant house in a neighborhood in the North End, but the city is strapped for ways to monitor the situations.
While some jetted off to merry Ol' London to sing the praises, they return home to the same problems.
The award was nice, but what is the plan to improve the declining neighborhoods.
More signs and statements about Pride, ain't cutting it.
The presentation from the Mayor will prove most interesting. Odd that there is no question and answer segment.
Having Sue Frederick, one who throws trash bags back over fences in an effort to not ticket someone or the same Sue Frederick who has cost the city monies in needless law suits, as a spokes person for the award is also odd. She like the Mayor lets her sense of pride get the better of her and reacts to people who want a cleaner city.

this is a good announcement. I don't think that NC is saying it is endorsed by posting it, just letting you know. I did not know it was a public invitation.

"I don't think that NC is saying it is endorsed by posting it, just letting you know. I did not know it was a public invitation."


I stopped by the city web site and saw the announcement and thought it might be of some interest.

I do not get advance notices from the city, no quite the contrary, some of the staff would prefer I remain quiet and not bring matters to their attention.


Regretfully, I helped to get this conman elected last time. I know his style. He is a master at deception.

I have worked at two of these type affairs.
Let me tell you in advance what this is -

The sneaky beginnings of his 2009 campaign.
Fink loves lists. They are very useful to him. He analyzes the names on lists to determine how these people can be useful to him and his election.
There will be a sign- in list as you walk in. Ask why you need to sign in at a public event.

These lists will be monitored by young minions that he gave city jobs to so they perpetually owe him their time for these type of promotions. No pay, by the way. All 'volunteer'. No volunteer, no job.

Give your name, address, and phone number. E-mail if you have it.
That way, you have been identified as a FOC. A Finkbeiner sympathizer, if you will. You will be invited to a fundraiser after this initial event. Then you will be asked what areas you would like to 'volunteer' your time to.

Heyyyyyyy - He has 'passion' for Toledo, remember ?
Ask him what kind of RESULTS he has achieved in the last two years.
Flowers, signs, and bicycle trails excepted, of course.

Mr. Myers - If someone helps to spread the word of a meeting, they are tacitly endorsing that meeting.

Mr. Myers - If you help to spread the word of a meeting, you are tacitly endorsing that meeting.

No. Spreading the word is just that, making an announcement. There's nothing inherently right or wrong with telling people about it.

It's possible that people could be motivated to attend an event (not necessarily this one) for other reasons besides being a supporter, fan, celebrant. or endorser.

People might even be motivated to go to an event because they might want to be amused, entertained, educated, or disgusted.

Have you ever heard advertisements on tv or radio? Those are (paid) announcements, but it would be presumptous on the part of the listener to assume that the station endorses the content of the message of its advertisers.

As far as paid advertisements, that is apples and oranges to this type of 'spreading the word'. Radio and tv stations get paid to announce events.

Example: If there was a meeting of the Abortionists Society at Seagate Center on Tuesday nite, and I announced it to 5,000 people, I tacitly endorse the meeting because I am spreading the word and my announcement is the gateway to knowledge of and attendance at that meeting for other people that did not know of it previously. Announcement = tacit endorsement

If I do not agree with this Abortionist meeting, I will not go thru the trouble to tell people about it. I will just shut my mouth.
No announcement = no endorsement.

Good to see Carty's wonderful inspector/hitman Sue Frederick is included. Anybody who's ever dealt with Sue remembers it. She's a jerk according to many.

All I'm saying is T.V. and radio stations are paid by their advertisers. Just because a Billy Mays commercial is on their stations doesn't mean that they endorse the claims Billy Mays makes about Mighty Putty. The stations are only paid to put it on the air, not to approve or disapprove of what's being said.

The term announcement does not mean endorsement. Endorsement means that someone approves, sanctions, or agrees with something.

The term announcement is simply making known that which has been previously unknown.

SOME endorsements are announcements but it doesn't necessarily follow that ALL announcements are endorsements since those two words are not synonyms.

Here are two possible scenarios:

I know about an event
I announce an event
I AGREE with the purpose and goal of the event
Therefore, I endorse the event.

I know about an event
I announce an event
I DISAGREE with the purspose and goal of the event
Therefore, I do not endorse the event

In the above second scenario, why would you announce an event (and not be getting paid for it) if you disagree with the purpose and goal of event ?

By announcing an event, you implicitly agree with it and furthur it's goal of having people meet to advance a cause. I do not know of any situations where someone would announce an event (unpaid) and disagree with the event's purpose.

That would be akin to a rabbi announcing a KKK rally.

Because, what better way is there to become informed and educated about something you or someone else might disagree with other than by going and getting it first hand rather than rely on just what someone tells you how to think or what to believe?

Just because I go to some city council meetings, does not mean that I will automatically endorse what everyone might say, yet I still would be able to announce the date, the time or the topic of the meeting. Again, an announcement is not the same thing as an endorsement.

Some unthinking person could misconstrue and jump to a conclusion about an announcement AS an endorsement but that would bring up the issue of how such an announcement has been made.

Since there may be others who also might want to become informed and educated, why not make an announcement so they can make up their own minds and draw their own conclusions?

for the information. It is good to know what the mayor is up to. I for one appreciate being informed because sometimes I miss some things going on in the city and having a venue where we can share information is fantastic.

I might even attend, not out of support of the mayor but to let the city know there are those of us still out here watching him and so that my children can see government in action.

Wanted to make people aware, whether or not they agree or disagree with the actions of the team in London.

These types of events typically get short notice.

I am planning on being there just to sit and listen to the presenters and see if they see what is seen in the city.

The Mayor went on his first bus tour of the year and he was not pleased with the viewing as reported.

And Ms. Frederick's as the head cheerleader is ironic as she fought tooth and nail that when I reported a location with over flowing trash cans and trash bags spilled on the ground, and yet when the Mayor was sent a picture of the mess, his office got the mess cleaned up, Frederick went on and on about how the mess was legal and no problem.

It will be fun to sit there and take notes and then compare to what reality is.


I hope you will attend. The event will be worth the time of your photography.

I will assure that you are granted whatever access you need., not only to photograph th event, but develop whatever impressions you come away with from the event.

Brian Schwartz

Didn't you state that you would not be posting anymore comments on blogs?
It would make sense to have public officials included on sites, but your postings drifted into serious waters and you were asked/told to stay off the blogs and now here you are once more.
You stand by your word, when you said that you would not be posting on blogs?
"TOLEDO -- Mayor Carty Finkbeiner's spokesman is swearing off blogging after a controversial posting earlier today on a public web site. The posting from Brian Schwartz linked a county commissioner to an incident where children were left in a hot car. Now Schwartz says he won't be posting any comments on blogs again."

I'd rather have him posting in this and other forums than continuing to operate in silence. A lot of the material here pertains to local government and he just may be able to provide information or a viewpoint we may not get otherwise. After the potholes are filled, the trash is picked up and Scout is taken care of, if there is time left for blogging so be it.

The funny thing is that he made his bed and now he has to lay in it. His posts on Swampbubbles and other places, at times were personal comments related to people he served with or has had contact with. The decision for his not posting was made after a number of his comments were noted and there were concerns about the content and tenor of the content and he publicly stated that he would not be commenting anymore. He has now gone back on his word. And holding to your word and statements are admirable quality.

I now know the name of the face aligned with the word "anal" in the dictionary.

Oh yeah, that's right, Brian is not allowed to boot up and read blog sites ever.

And I guess some people never learn their lessons either?

the time stamp on Brians posting:
Submitted by Brian Schwartz on Mon, 2008-01-21 01:23.

It appears he was having a restless night and decided to post at 1:23 in the morning and while he probably shouldn't have commented and made promises to a Carty event, I don't think we can accuse him of posting to this forum "on the clock".

As far as promising not to post I do not read anywhere in his comments that he indicated "forever" and only interpeted it as posting concerning city issues, not his own personal opinons.

So I say "Welcome Back Brian". But be forwarned that your postings will be dutifully scrutinized and you will be held accountable for comments you might make. So speak carefully and proof read everything first to make sure you are conveying exactly what you intend.

Otherwise you will be brought to task even if what you say is taken out of context.

If man has no tea in him, he is incapable of understanding truth. ~Japanese Proverb

Neighboorhood Concerns makes a valid point. Citizens expect people in government to do as they say.

BTW, I've noticed that you do an inordinate amount of complaining yourself. You might want to...

It would be a better fit.

brother, you have no clue who I am, and I can assure you, I've been called worse by smaller minded people than you. You should put "maxi-pad", "good to the last drop" and "fucking jerk" in your arsenal. And no charge for those freebies.

But it is refreshing to see a poster such as yourself relying on juvenile antics as name calling to intimidate me. Too funny. I've missed the entertainment.

I'm enjoying the fact your whiny ass is up there and I'm enjoying the peace, tranquility and absence of stupidity by living here. You'd think someone of your caliber would have figured that out on your own, but I guess not. Instead you chose to "defend" someone from a factual statement. Way to enter the fray without thinking.

So as you're frying your brain to create something witty and demeaning to insult me, be assured you set your own self up for failure, just as you did with that last display. lol

Finkbeiner talks out both sides of his mouth, why would we expect anything else from his spokesperson ?

Reading all these comments...I thought I was reading the transcripts to a council meeting. Funny...residents complain about the local government acting like children...and yet the citizens (bloggers) act the same way.

If you REALLY think the grass is greener on the other side...or in another city then grow a pair...take your constant negativity and move!

Each of us sees and reads things in thier own way.

Mr. Schwartz made some comments in poor taste and admitted that he did and it was stated; "For his part, Schwartz says he won't be posting comments on blogs any more."

This, to me, is not about some acting like children, this ia about our government and the people who make up the agencies doing as they say they will.

"take your constant negativity and move!"

And if expecting our government and leadership to do as they say they will, is considered being neagtive, I would suggest that we review how the issue started and it was not the citizens, the problems started when a city official made comments in poor taste and was told to stop posting.

We want the exchange of information from our city, they have the perfect venue, the city web site.

And "constant negativity"?

In the eyes of the reader, maybe, but there is no constant negativity on my part, and constant is a big net to cast and has many holes in it.




I have seen people that could make a difference in this community have chosen to belittle by blog.

I can say, by my visits to town, that Toledo is sliding into an abyss on the road it's on now. It's been on this same road for fifteen years and not one person has done anything to stop it, except Opal Covey. There isn't much road left, people.

I've seen some really good ideas that should have been implemented but haven't because some people's ego block their view of reality or interfered with their personal agenda. That would be a great source of negativity if I was being taxed to death like my fellow Toledoans are.

Is the grass really greener in Perrysburg, Rossford, Northwood, Sylvania and Waterville, or is this a result of shitty greenskeeping by those in charge in Toledo?

Would it be belittling by Letters to the Editor, also, when people voice an opinion? On line forums are the new venue for communication and are just an expanded way to allow people to say what they feel and think.

People can make a difference, just the same way groups of people have come together on the East Side and other parts of town and do make the city aware of the problems and difficulties and have even taken matters into their own hands, which was a suggestion made by our Mayor.

Why would the Mayor encourage the reports from me, which he has done?

Maybe we need more eyes and ears to report to the city what we see, just as he does when he takes a bus tour and sees what we see, or do we sit silent and say there is nothing to be done.

There are changes taking place and it is never to late to say that we cannot do more and the real negativity lies in the foundation of we cannot do anything about and it is what it is and somethings will never change.

Are bloggers belittling, or are they offering constructive criticism and intelligent debate?

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