And the walls came tumbling down

Well,  the demolition of Arlington Elementary on Woodsdale Avenue has begun. It is with mixed feelings that I report on this. The school has served the neighborhood well over the past century creating many fond memories for those connected to it either as a student, school staff or just its friendly neighbors. But things change and it was time for the school to be modernized . Just think, the kids may now have a real cafeteria to eat lunch in instead of a converted classroom in the basement.

 I am reminded of this poem... Author unknown. 

                                                          Change, the inevitable

Change is to one man the death of a friend,
To another the birth of a child.
Change is the shifting of soft winds of spring,
to a hurricane deadly and wild.

Change is the moving of the hourglass sands,
It's the coming of dawn after dark.
Change is taking one step at a time,
The emotion in each persons heart.

But change in the end, will not change at all
The one constant in everyone's lives
Change is the light at the end of the tunnel
The healer who opens our eyes.

 PICTURES FROM 01/19/2008 - thumbnails are linked to full size images


 PICTURES FROM 02/02/2008 - thumbnails are linked to full size images






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Thanks for the photos KrazyKat. I think Arlington was a nice, unique school. Too bad that they could not have done more to save it. The new one won't be as good.

Why don't you make this public?

You can still keep it organized with the group.

Its sort of cool to see that blackboard clinging to the wall on the third floor.
Driven past the school many times but I've never been in it, ours is a Burroughs family.

We don't tear down our homes when they get old . Yet TPS thinks they have the money to do this. Toledo's 23% share of the building project is over 15 million ( and help me on this figure , Chris) . The teachers need their pay raise, but the voters will only know that their taxes are high enough from past levies.


What a great and beautiful school it was! I attended Arlington over 25 years ago, but it has always meant the world to me. I now live in Orlando, but make it to Toledo twice a year. I was fortunate enough to visit Arlington in October before the fencing went up. I was able to capture some great pictures. I also made it up in December only to see the building taking it's last breath. I had a dream about the demolition of Arlington last night. This prompted me to go online and Google the school. Your pictures were the first thing that came up. Although it is very sad to see, thank you for publicly posting them. Although it has been 2 weeks since they were posted, I would love to see updated pictures of the demolition as I would like to see it throughout it's phases. The new Arlington will never compare!

I have updated the pics as of Saturday 02/02/08. I also linked them so that you can full them in full size. I will continue to update these pics throughout demolition and construction of the new Arlington Elementary School.

Hope you enjoy them jge2008

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