Kaptur's seperated at birth moment


Guess Marcy Kaptur doesn't know the difference between Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson and Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke.
Although maybe I shouldn't laugh because I wouldn't either, then again if you're going to be questioning them you should probably know who you're talking to.

A panel member, Kaptur was making her way through a four-part question driving at the culpability of Wall Street financiers in the sub-prime crisis when she zeroed in on the Fed chairman, “Seeing how you were the former CEO of Goldman Sachs —”

A roar erupted on the dais as members from both sides of the aisle tried to correct her at once. The audience gasped.

Not deciphering what they were saying, the 13-term congresswoman and former staffer in the Carter White House pressed on: “I got the wrong firm?”

“No, you’re confusing me with the Treasury secretary,” said Bernanke, a longtime academic whose very lack of private-sector experience stirred worries while he was a contender for the Fed job.


“Yes,” said Bernanke.

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Heavens to mergetroid! She made a mistake! Whoop-dee-friggin-doo! They should haul Paulson into Congress. Goldman Sachs is making a killing off the subprime bust. The only one to be doing so. Seems that they were the only finance company to actually see this coming. Hmmm...

dictionary.com says that the correct spelling of that word used in the headline by OhioKat is

Guess we all make mistakes, huh, Kat ?
Even a public figure like Marcy.

Right and I'm the only person on this forum who ever made a typo.
Personally I like Marcy and have always voted for her.
Mostly I was just passing it along because it was in the news and she's from here .
I do still think its a good idea to know who you're questioning at one of those hearings.

Yup, and a pretty dumb one.

I wonder if Craig and El Mahico would have the same response if there was an R next to her name. I doubt it.

If an R made a mistake like that, who would even bother to notice? Certainly not FOX. It would be a nonstory. Just like this should be.

I recognized the reality that ALL human beings make mistakes a looong time ago.

So don't roll them peepers at me like that, kittykat. I just went the long way around to make a point to you.

Hopefully a spell check will be the next goodie that the great swampbubble leader unleashes on us :Þ



"Show me a man who lives alone and has a perpetually dirty kitchen, and five times out of nine I'll show you an exceptional man." -Charles Bukowski


There's a city full of walls you can post complaints at

Sure you can do better than Kaptur. Sure you could do better than Carty. Sure you could have a better TPS member than J. Ford.


Keep voting for your A team or B team Democrat like your owners tell you to.

And quit crying about it.

Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

someone who goes on a local blog with the screenname "LibsCanBlowMe" might go a long way into the rest of the country thinking how pathetic (or retarded) Toledo is.

Hey BlowMe, do the reichpublicans have a candidate for the 9th district?

Sure they do…

Ed Emery or maybe Opal Covey

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