likely to include tax rebates of about $250 to $600

"Lawmakers push for economic stimulus plan

By Donna Smith and Richard Cowan

Wed Jan 16, 9:39 PM ET

WASHINGTON (Reuters) -
An economic stimulus package to help
stave off recession is on the fast track in Congress after
Democratic and Republican leaders in the House of
Representatives on Wednesday reached a rare agreement to
quickly pull together a bipartisan plan.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a California Democrat, said she
hoped a meeting of congressional leaders with President George
W. Bush
on Tuesday would pave the way for quick passage of an
economic stimulus package.

"We hope to find a common ground and come out of that
meeting with a legislative proposal," Pelosi said at a news
conference on Wednesday. "There is an urgency to do something
and to do something now."

In an effort to get a jump start on the initiative, Bush
and congressional leaders scheduled a conference call to
discuss a stimulus package on Thursday. Bush is to return to
Washington from a Middle East trip late on Wednesday.

A jump in the U.S. jobless rate to a two-year high, falling
retail sales and a downturn in factory activity have combined
with the housing market's deep slump to stir fears that a
six-year expansion may be coming to an end. Some economists
warn the economy may already be in recession.";_ylt=A0WTcVG7O49HA8UA...

Some incentive, we get a rebate of the money we paid in and get to spend to stimualte the economy.

This is a plan?


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Nope, not a plan. I'm not worried, though. There is no "common ground" between congress and King George.

...and to BIG BUSINESS?

Meanwhile, the new Democrat energy bill and it's CAFE standards should totally screw UAW workers.

Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

The rebate promise will be used to allow Dems to capitulate on making Bush's tax cuts permanent. Just you wait and see...

God I hope not...

The Dems need to grow a pair and stand up to Bush. Has he ever not gotten what he wanted from Congress?

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