Larry Sykes and Here We Go Again

Larry Sykes who caused chaos, confusion and discord on the Toledo Public School board has been appointed to the Lucas County Children Services Board. Who makes these appointments? In no way should this man be on any board that has anything to do with children, especially our most vulnerable children.

There are well documented instances where he has denigrated women and Hispanics and not so well documented anecdotal information where he has belittled adopted children and children in general.

I approached him on one occasion with a concern about my children. Because my children are adopted he sneered, “You ain’t got no children.” This was the most abominable thing that anyone much less a school board president, could say to a person with adopted children. These five words should disqualify him from being involved with any decisions that concern children.

Why aren’t these board vacancies made public and then the people who are affected by the actions of these boards can apply along with anyone else. These appointments should not just be a resume filler. This appointment will not serve the children of Lucas County well.

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larry sykes is known in the community to be the biggest asshole around. I dont know who appointments these clowns, but he is in no position to be running any board.

as citizens can we DO anything about this?

i second that, who appoints these clowns?

to think we were so happy to get him off tps's board, now it seems like he can do even more damage. sorry kids!

i'm hoping we are all in agreement about sykes being a slime ball, unlike the last tps board member that was talked about. then again, i'm sure there has to be a few people out there that think he's a saint, and will do a fantastic job like he did on tps's board. how do these people get elected? then we have hard working honest people like chris can't get on the board. chris worked his butt off, but yet the voters seem to like these slime balls. strange.

incestuous relationships. Keep the working man and woman off of the boards that make all of the decisions that affect mainly the working class and that way we don't have a say in our own future. We have no say in how the money is spent--our money.

Does anyone know who appoints the Lucas County Children Services board? What is the process?

50.7 million dollars that comes from county, state and federal funds you would think that the public would have more say as to who should be on this board. I think it is absolutely unthinkable that this man has been appointed to this board.

purnhrt, where did you get this information? i'm hoping this is some kind of sick and twisted joke someone told you.

but I was in the garage looking for my pitchfork. It's obsurd!

today's Blade, kind of hidden away in the second section, first page, down in the corner. The other new appointee is the United Way person Yenrick, another TPS family.

On their website I see that the Lucas County Commissioners appointed them.

i just read it online, we feel it's not worth buying. thanks for telling me where you got this info. i was hoping somehow you got the story wrong. :)

I think he ask to be on all these Boards just to piss you off...............LOL

WOW that was called for, so much for acting like an adult!

just a few days ago you said this in your post about steven steel. "well my mom taught me "if I dont have anything nice to say, don't say it at all" !!!!!!!" obviously you weren't listening. very sad. was a joke, lighten up.............


from the merry go round?

to read it online so that I could provide the link but I couldn't find it yesterday on line.

to read it online so that I could provide the link but I couldn't find it yesterday on line.

how ironic that it would not be online.



The Lucas County Commissioners have appointed Larry J. Sykes and Timothy P. Yenrick to the Lucas County Children Services (LCCS) Board of Trustees. Sykes is the president and CEO of LJSJB Associates LLC, a consulting firm. He retired earlier this year from Fifth Third Bank, where he had served as vice president and community affairs officer monitor. He also recently retired from the Toledo Board of Education, which he had served as both a board member and president. He also currently serves on the boards of several dozen organizations, including the Metroparks of the Toledo Area, the Greater Toledo Urban League, The University of Toledo African American Community Advisory Committee, St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center and the Governor's Commission on Teaching Success. Sykes will serve the incomplete term of retired LCCS board member Pauline Franklin, which expires in December 2008. Yenrick is the Executive Director of the American Red Cross Greater Toledo Area Chapter, a position he has held since 2004. He previously worked as the director of the East Toledo Family Center. Earlier in his career, he was employed by the Toledo Mental Health Center, the Lucas County Board of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities and the Boys & Girls Clubs of Toledo. He also founded the Toledo Community Recreation Program. Yenrick's appointment will run through December 2011. In addition to these new appointments, the Commissioners renewed the appointments of Bernard Culp and Elizabeth Flournoy. Their terms will extend through December 2011. LCCS board members are appointed by the Lucas County Commissioners and elect their own officers. For the 2008 calendar year, the board re-elected chairman Gordon Barry, vice chairman Kenneth Roach, and secretary Dee Talmage

If man has no tea in him, he is incapable of understanding truth. ~Japanese Proverb

..throat of the spotlight.

I will be entertained to watch Larry destroy this group too.

yes, i don't doubt he will screw the group up, but at what cost to these kids, they already have a rough life.

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