Carty at next Old West End Association Meeting

The meetings are the 3rd Tuesday of each month, at 7:00 -- at Mansion View. There might be a little blurb emailed out to people but I thought it wouldn't hurt to mention here in case anyone in interested in attending.

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Not sure if I did? I wouldn't want to litter the main site with these OWE-specific posts...

This one would be good to make public. Would that be OK?

So it isn't public unless you are an OWE subscriber? Yes you could make public if you feel inclined to! For only 4 OWE people there were "13 reads" so I thought it might have already been public.

it is public, for group subscribers, but to show up on the front page. This type of information I think would be good for everyone to see, although it is up to you.

Yeah, I'll go ahead and see if I can switch it myself...

I'm actually going to make a copy of this thread just for the OWE group... so it shows up for those just looking for OWE-related threads.

if there is something that would appeal to everyone, you can choose to make it public, by choosing the public check box. That way it shows up in the group and on the main page.

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