Ohio's Special Energy Deals Debated

COLUMBUS, Ohio — The state must scrutinize the special electricity contracts that save companies millions of dollars but are subsidized by other power customers, the House Public Utilities Committee chairman said Wednesday.

Groups from oil companies to universities to the Cleveland Indians have special electricity contracts with their utilities.

An energy plan approved by the Senate would continue these special contracts in perpetuity with no questions asked.

"We're not sure that's good policy," said House Public Utilities Chairman John Hagan, an Alliance Republican.


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Yeah, I'm sure the Ohio legislature will work very hard to stop this form of corporate welfare. I'm sure they'll just maintain the status quo because it makes Ohio more "business friendly". Screw the people who actually have to live and work here, this is just the cost of doing business. The "energy plan" already passed the Senate and the House has no interest in actually doing anything about it, either. The only thing that'll come out of this is the replacement of the PUCO chair if he continues to bring it up.

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