Michigan Republicans vote for Mitt


As you know, ladies and gentlemen, the past couple of days here on the Rush Limbaugh program and the EIB Network, we have been discussing the era of Reagan theoretically being over, and conservatism thus being over, and, if you have listened, of course, you know my position on how absurd that is. And yet, there continues to be discussion among so-called conservatives about modernizing the Republican Party. Latest example, David Brooks, who used to work with Bill Kristol at the Weekly Standard until he became an affirmative action hire at the New York Times as the one conservative columnist. We got two sound bites here from Mr. Brooks. By the way, what I'm going to say here has nothing to do with the fact that Mr. Brooks is routinely smearing me or being somewhat dismissive of me, particularly on the immigration debate and other things. It has nothing to do with that. It has totally to do with the fact that there are people who think that they're leaders, and the punditry is full of those kinds of people, "The Republicans need to modernize," and of course modernizing means we become more moderate. It was on the Russert show over the weekend on PMSNBC. Russert said to David Brooks, "Please explain the Republican primary right now, because I don't understand it."

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