Erie Street Market timetable set

Toledo City Council yesterday gave the Finkbeiner
administration four months to develop a business plan for the Erie
Street Market and soon after hand over its operation to the private

Councilman D. Michael Collins offered the amendment cutting it to four months.

"We cannot continue the way we are doing it today," he said. "We have to allow private enterprise to come in."

Mayor Carty Finkbeiner met yesterday with about eight vendors at the
market to thank them and asked them to stay the course. "Lots of
entrepreneurs have contacted us and are interested in putting their
business here," the mayor said.

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this seems like a long time considering a business plan should have already been in place, or at least had an idea of what to do.

Tom Waniewski is my new hero. His comment was that any new business plan for the ESM should be an EXIT plan - ie sprucing it up and making it as attractive as possible for its SALE to a private entity.

GO TOM - Damn glad I voted for ya!!


Personally I'd have no problem with the ESM taking a loss IF the citizens were the winners. But from the way I understand it (and I could be wrong) it's hard to be profitable if you were to set up a kiosk at the ESM. So if we're going to lose money why do we charge a monthly rate. The smaller the overhead the better the small businesses have of making a profit. I'd charge a one time yearly rate and give them the rest of the time to make a profit.

The reason I am not so willing to close the doors on it is small vendors are a good indicator of an economy. Most big cities have plenty of street vendors who are people with small businesses trying to get by. Toledo has a lack of street vendors.

I think the biggest failure of the ESM was it's location. There are no hotels nearby so drawing in tourists is harder to do. Had the market been opened in say the steam plant I think it would have done better.

I still wouldn't want to completely stick a fork in it. I still think it can survive under some restructuring. I have long said a Monette's or the Andersons would be a great fit. This could take care of some of the unused space and complement the small businesses as well as the farmer's market.

However all this being said I still hate that so much public money has been wasted and still could be wasted. Sometimes the costliest lessons are the hardest to learn.



It's about time I guess.

After being open for 11 years, waiting another 4 months for something that SHOULD HAVE BEEN DONE IN 1997 doesn't sound too bad.

Now maybe the workers who have not been paid will be able to get a paycheck. Probably sometime around January of 2019.

Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

The problems began with the inception of the market as pointed out in ealier posts. For a decade, Toledo has propped and fluffed ESM till we are bleeding cash to cover owed monies. It's been one of the collosal failures in marketing and development now facing Finbeiner.

The only hope it has is if the City divests itself at once and get out of a consistant loser. Selling it off will help 2 fold. It will unload a public burden and if under private control and wholely owned by business pros, it may have a glorious future. Under City control and cash, not a chance.

as to how many people have, or have not, shared their experience with ESM.

All those managers having that on their resumes.

Hey Carty? You make more money collecting taxes and permit costs than you do paying for stuff. Haven't you figured that out yet?

How much more money have you generated by taking over ambulatory responsibility and giving it to the TFD?

Tow Lot?



The financing structure to make the Marina District in East Toledo a reality is complicated but ensures the city is not on the hook for the money, officials discussing the project said yesterday.

Watch out CitiFest

How we be confident in this statement?

With many of the team members, not informed, not sure, not qualified and so on.

Oh, and there are the promises made from a developer. Promises are nice, but how about some cash on the table and actions. 


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