An Ohio Secretary of State looks anew at e-voting

"January 14, 2008 (Computerworld) -- Last
week's New Hampshire primary raised questions about the veracity of
tallies from electronic voting machines -- not the DRE (Direct
Recording Electronic) touchscreen machines that have drawn heavy
criticism around the country, but the optical scanners designed to
record votes cast on paper ballots.

In Ohio, where numerous problems with the 2004 election process drew
fire from observers around the nation, current secretary of state
Jennifer Brunner recently unveiled
a federally funded report describing problems so endemic that, as the
"Evaluation & Validation of Election-Related Equipment, Standards
& Testing" (EVEREST) report puts it, the system's integrity “is provided purely by the integrity and honesty of election officials.”

Based on the EVEREST report, Brunner made a number of
recommendations to Governor Ted Strickland and Ohio legislators,
including elimination of DREs, a move to centralized ballot counting,
institution of "no-fault" absentee voting, and development of new
early- and election-day voting centers."

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I believe this is happening.

I checked my voting record at the Secretary of State site, and two primaries that I voted in (Sept. 05 and May 06) were not included in my voting record.

Makes me rethink that whole Al Gore / George BUSH situation in Florida with Republican Governor Jebracrook BUSH deciding the winner.

It just depends how they are handled. Optical scanners in 2005 were a mess. They stopped scanning and poll workers took ballots and told voters they would scan them later. DRE, Optical scanners, old mechanical machines, it does not matter, they all can be overcome with someone dedicated to mess with election results.

I have a Web site, horribly out of date, about paper trails on DREs, but it applies to voting machines in general.

I agree with you chris. This issue has many facets and there is people on both sides trying to manipulate it in their favor.



And I demand a manual re-count of the 2006 election!

There is no way that Ted Strickland could have won without cheating!

Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

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