Heckler behind U.S.-Iran incident?

Here is what may be at the bottom of the recent near-confrontation between the US warships and the Iranian "harassing" boats in the Strait of Hormuz. It was a prankster! Someone has been hurling obscenities and vile comments for years at gulf traffic in that sensitive area between Iran and the Arabian side of the shore. The "monkey" was responsible.

This should be a time to take stock and review procedures and plans on the part of both sides. If an armed conflict could arise over something like this prank, then we should have something in place to keep it from happening. How about TALKING to the other side? We currently have NO official channel or relationship open with the other side. Our government refuses to talk to Iran until certain preconditions are met. That is not good.


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Here's more on the Philipino Monkey...

Another former cruiser skipper said he thought the Monkey might be behind the audio threats when he first heard them earlier this week.

“It wouldn’t have surprised me at all,” he said. “There’s all kinds of chatter on Channel 16. Anybody with a receiver and transmitter can hear something’s going on. It was entirely plausible and consistent with the radio environment to interject themselves and make a threatening comment and think they’re being funny.”

This former skipper also noted how quiet and clean the radio “threat” was, especially when radio calls from small boats in the chop are noisy and cluttered.

“It’s a tough environment, you’re bouncing around, moving fast, lots of wind, noise. It’s not a serene environment,” he said. “That sounded like somebody on the beach or a large ship going by.”

He said he and others believe that the Filipino Monkey is comprised of several people, and whoever gets on Channel 16 to heckle instantly gets the monicker.


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