The ongoing saga of incomplete plans

"Mayor Carty Finkbeiner's senior staff members
made another plea yesterday during a Toledo City Council public hearing
for what was supposed to be routine ordinance needed to manage the Erie
Street Market.
Instead, it sparked debate and even elicited frustration from people
who attended the nearly two-hour hearing in council chambers.

Council members grilled the mayor's lieutenants on Toledo's stake in
the city-owned market, ownership of its liquor license, and a document
labeled "business plan" that one member of the Finkbeiner
administration admitted was nowhere near what an actual business plan
looks like.

Regarding the document submitted previously, he said: "This is not a business plan, so there is no reason to label it as such."

Mr. Davies conceded that the document submitted was not complete.

Councilmen Wilma Brown, Phillip Copeland, and Frank Szollosi were not present for the hearing"

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I forgot you get up early too... Sorry to duplicate your sentiments.

When is a business plan not a business plan?


When it contains no likely or rational details for profiting from commerce.

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