Group protests memorial of Maryland family killed in Ohio crash


AP: BALTIMORE — The memorial service Tuesday for five members of a Maryland family killed by a wrong-way truck in an Ohio highway accident included some uninvited guests.

Three members of the Kansas-based Westboro Baptist Church, known for protests at military funerals, demonstrated about a block from St. Luke Evangelical Lutheran Church, the site of the service.

The demonstrators said the deaths are God’s retribution against the community for a recent $11 million jury award against the Kansas group. A federal jury in Baltimore made the award in October to Albert Snyder, of York, Pa., who sued after the group protested his son’s military funeral in Maryland.

The community is going to “pay the price” for persecuting his group for preaching the word of God, said demonstrator Fred Phelps.

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wow. thats just CRAZY talk

i really hate hearing about people claiming to be Christian doing things that make them look stupid. Not all Christians act like this, what ever happened to peace and love your neighbors? They must have skipped those verses.

"Not all Christians act like this"

I'd change that to "Christians dont act like this"

Whatever these people claim to be they are not Christian nor following the ways of Christ.

Whatever the sin is, these people dont get the fact that God views the sinner and the person who JUDGES that sinner the same way. And the penalty for the sinner and the one who stands in judgement of that sinner is equal.

This is nothing new. Remember, the Salem witch hunt was started by a bunch of crazy religious fanatics. That's why I stay away from these type of clowns.

and has done nothing but brought grief and attention upon himself.

This guy and his group of idiots are nothing more than hatemongers, period. They're in the same class as Sharpton and Jackson.

Besides, where DID they get the money to travel seeing they're in debt up to their eyeballs?

"Christians don't act like this"

just bugs me to read articles like this because it gives us Christians, who are trying to live like we are called to. for people who don't know, or care to see the difference, makes it seem like we are the same, big difference.

in heaven there will not be people like this .
They are only a very tiny percentage of the population.

These people are to Christianity what Al Quada is to Islam. Fortunately, operations such as these are self- limiting, as they are soon sued into oblivion....and good riddance.

These people are to Christianity what Al Quada is to Islam

absolutely right

Now we just need to call preachers like Robertson and Farwell what they are - Radical Clerics.

Attacking a dead man? Is your hatred towards Christians that severe? Robertson and Falwell are/were not radical clerics. (Robertson a little off, I'll give you that). Why don't you steer your anger towards muslim clerics trying to kill you instead of christian "clerics" preaching for you to do things like not commit adultery, murder and to be good to your neighbors and love your enemy. Gee...what hate mongers they are to want people to live with an ounce of morality. You'd rather defend islam that wants to destroy all its enemies and rule the world with an iron fist. People like you won't realize the error of your ways until this country is flying a muslim flag over the white house and your wife is forced to wear a burka or die. And...all of us would be hung in a second if we were to criticize Islam the way we do christianity.

Personally...I know Christians who pray for their enemies...but I guess their the real hate mongers huh? Not the muslims who would cut you and your family's throat and hang you in a public square for being their enemy.

But go ahead...and keep leading your attack against Christianity which helped this nation flourish...and keep defending Islam...the religion that wants to dominate you. Idiot.

By the Christian or non-christian in their right mind would approve of activities of this "baptist" group...not even Jackson and Sharpton. Now, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad would probably approve of it...after all...his country doesn't have gay people. What religion is he? Oh yeah....muslim.

In fairness, I have no use for any religion, Christian, Muslim or otherwise. . .

Robertson goes on TV and calls for the assassination of another nation's leader...That makes him no different then some Iranian Imam calling for the death of our President.

They're both radial clerics in my book.

My perspective is considering them "opportunists".

Just as I am with your labelling those of us that aren't as religous as you, I don't see O'Steen, Hinn, Roberts, and other televangelists giving their gospel for free, either. I think God has a problem with his "shepards" profitting from His Word, big time, but it's cool with you, right? But let's not forget Swaggart, Bakker, and Tipton.

I also highly doubt the percentage of radical islamists represent what the true religion is all about, either. I also don't agree with your statement that Christianity is "the Pinnicle of Religion" either.

Neither, which includes Phelps and Jackson/Sharpton, have amounted to anything positive concerning compassion amongst mankind, any time either of them open their mouths it's to expouse hatred, you don't see either of them unless controversy is involved for their "camera time", and neither have provided a positive influence in our society.

Poor Phelps is all pissed that he's in debt to a tune of eleven million dollars, which is the reason to parade their hate. And I truly abhor being the Devil's Advocate, but they are well within their rights to protest. As is the group which surrounds them and blocks them from view.

Besides, the more they're ignored, the sooner they will go away. Sharpton only had 25 people show up for a demonstration Sharpton held this past weekend, with no press coverage, here in West Palm Beach. I didn't even know he was here, and I'm a well-informed media hog.

Apparently couldn't afford to pay for advertising and no media outlet wanted to give him a freebie and as a result, Mr Racist only had a pithy audience.

Just give Phelps enough rope....

So, all Muslims or just some are as/were as goofy in their thoughts as some of the Christians who do some unfaithful like acts?

"Personally...I know Christians who pray for their enemies...but I guess
their the real hate mongers huh? Not the Muslims who would cut you and
your family's throat and hang you in a public square for being their

There are no Muslims that also pray for others?

One only needs to look to African continent for examples of Christian versus Muslim acts of hideous nature.

Suffice it to say, there are radicals in all groups, yes?

"By the Christian or non-christian in their right mind would
approve of activities of this "baptist" group...not even Jackson and

Well, except the supporters in the group that support themselves in the acts they commit.


To clarify...I am saying that these Westboro Baptists should be considered 'extremist' and for christians to be included with them is unfair. When citing islam wanting to kill and dominate us...I was referring to their "extremists" as well. I was just addressing Sensor G's unfair lumping of christians with these supposed christians.

About Osteen. Actually, he doesn't ask for money on television. Also, many biblical men were seen as good in God's eyes were blessed with wealth. That being said, my concern with Osteen is the fact that his message seems to be unbiblical in many ways by putting so much focus on ourselves instead of God. I'll definitely give you Roberts and Hinn, Swaggert and Baker as good examples of men wrongly profiting from the gospel and bad examples of christians. However, I disagree with Sensor G and do think highly of Falwell.

Also, If by mean I believe christianity is the only true faith...then you are correct. But, I think if you ask any christian or muslim...if their religion is the only true religion..they will answer yes.... a really irritates me to see this Westboro "baptist" group going to the funerals of military men because of their view of homosexuality...and now going to this family's funeral. Their "protests" are disgusting...and inhumane.

Yes Neighborhood....muslims do pray for others. But I asked do they pray for their enemies? The Koran itself teaches that Jews and Christians to be considered enemies and not prayed for...but killed.

So, your problem is with The Koran...not me.

First, there is no problem, that I have. No problems with you, heck I do not even know you, so really how or why would I have a problem with you.

The Bible has not had passages taken out of context as a prelude to kill others, by believers?

Reading each word in either book, is a sure way to foment trouble, but the wiser people read it and relate it to the time.

"The Koran itself teaches that Jews and Christians to be considered enemies and not prayed for...but killed."

Then why is it that the majority of the people do not read the words literally and kill of the others? I asked a Muslim friend if I was an infidel. He laughed and said of course not, there is but one God.

The problem does not rest with me as I have no problem reading the words of either book and do not take them literally.

comparing apples to apples, packing a 16,000 seat chapel on a regular basis with everyone tithing 10%, and you'll understand why he'd rather pursue his present agenda of concentrating on preaching about personal relationships with God and avoiding the perils of Sin. And selling his book based upon his preachings.

It is healthy to have faith. I also agree that each of us are bestowed a Gift which gives us natural ability to succeed in a certain field, such as medicine, finances, politics, fashion and so on. And his preachings just inspire inner ambition that you'd usually just ignore. And also he's not shoving it down your throat. Which in turn drives book sales and such.

And thank you for clarifying. I did misunderstand and apologize. But being a zealot of my own religion, I find "exclusivity" based on bias misunderstood. And yes, I am an extremist as well. But those too are labels based upon perspective.

we'd have cast the Rev Phelps out into the Serengeti as a subsitute for an antelope and allow him to be cycled through and become re-incarnated into something which would enlighten him so he can better understand the foundation of a logical and serene plateau and purge the hatred which prevents him from "continuing on".


These are not Christians. No way they are. Isn't it awful that people who have suffered such loss are confronted with such vile behavior. Supposedly in the name of Christ. Disgusting.

So, if you ever did SEE this going on - what in the heck should you do? My impulse would be to give them just a remarkable beating. In the name of Christ, 'course.

If you're here to tell me it's my fault - you're right. I meant to do it. It was alot of fun. That's why I have this happy smile on my face.

Napoleon Bonaparte once said "Religion is what keeps the poor from killing the rich." It has always been a form of societal control, and if religion did not exist, politicians would have to invent it.
What is ironic is that organized religion has always claimed the moral high ground (At least we're not as bad as politicians and lawyers!) in the face of the greedy, money-grubbing televangelists, and the mind-boggling scope and depth of the Catholic church's pedophile priest cover-up and scandal.
Once again, following a long and established tradition, a religion, in this case "radical Islamic extremists", has declared war on whomever ISN'T a radical Islamic extremist, and once again government and religion battle each other. As a Kikuyu Proverb states, "When elephants fight it is the grass that suffers."
Separation of church and state.......if only.....

"It has always been a form of societal control, and if religion did not exist, politicians would have to invent it." - Good quote. Because it's true. I believe it was Stalin who said "I took away their God and gave them Lenin" when he outlawed religion but promoted Lenin worship.

"What is ironic is that organized religion has always claimed the moral high ground" - The problem with religion and faith is they're easy to manipulate for political purposes. This group is using the faith of it's members and it's religious beliefs to make a political statement. Once again politics is using religion for it's own means.

I know Kateb said "They aren't Christians" I don't agree. Even Christians can be led astray but this doesn't mean they're not Christians. They just aren't truly following the what Christ was for.

I have long said I think when you say nothing to condemn a member of your own religion when they act like this then you are condoning the behavior. That's why I'm glad there's so many Christians speaking out against the Westboro loons. We need to keep condemning actions like these and those who kill abortion doctors and such because that is not what Christianity is about.



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