Toledo's future is talking today - Toledo's kids unplugged

When you want to get a pulse on the community, just ask the young people.

That's what I discovered when I spearheaded this project, suggested by UT's Dan Johnson, to ask teens from Toledo Public Schools to “Describe the Toledo you want to see in 2020.”

Some students described what they thought they would see, others what they wanted to see. All responded honestly, as young people often do.

Toledo needs to be cleaner by the year 2020, they said. More jobs, please. Also, feeling safe on the streets is a must by the year 2020. One young lady said she hopes she is still alive. Another girl said kids need places to have fun so they won't get into trouble. A young guy wants to be able to walk down the street without having to watch his back. Many talked about cleaner neighborhoods and more open green spaces.

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It's good to see that the young understand the link between labor and their own prosperity. Too bad they may not understand that the Capitalists have already written Toledo off, so THAT is the future of the area.

Please note that more green spaces means:

1. Fewer opportunities for scumbag developers to build expensive condos.
2. More opportunity for Czarty to find an excuse to bulldoze affordable housing.
3. More demands for taxation to support the Parks Dept.

You've gotta be careful making and demands around Czarty, since he'll use anything you suggest to build a larger government Empire on top of the bones of the previous middle class.

The solution for Toledo MUST involve LESS GOVERNMENT, and what government remains needs to focus on things which are IMPORTANT (meaning: law enforcement and utilities supply). On top of that, your safety as an adult comes from being educated, aware and armed. Guess which one Toledoans never want to see? Guess which other one is still being destroyed by Ford and the usual pack of politicians? And guess which remaining one the Blockade generally doesn't want to help you with?


Saying things are not safe and the schools are not good, and saying kids drop out gets you brandished as a critic. I guess no one talked to the administration and even board members. They seem to think everything is fine and dandy, so much so that everyone looks up to TPS and they have time to deal with issues they don't even need to.

It is especially bad when the primary customers of schools say the schools are not quite good. It seems to be a recurrent theme in these letters. We should tell the kids that they can be assured that the banks that do business with the district have good diversity programs. That should make them feel much better right........

Too bad we don't have more politicians speaking like they are. Too bad we don't have leaders that want to fix the problems. I hope by 2020 that that changes, but ......

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