Another two traffic deaths that could've been prevented

Wauseon man charged in fatal Christmas Eve crash

" WAUSEON — A 90-year-old man involved in a Christmas Eve crash that killed two Wauseon residents has been charged in connection with their deaths.

H. Edward Johnson, of Wauseon, is charged with two counts of vehicular homicide and two counts of vehicular manslaughter.

Mr. Johnson was driving south on Fulton County Road 19 about 9:35 p.m. on Christmas Eve when his car ran a stop sign at State Rt. 2 and collided with a car being driven by David Mealer, 50, according to the Ohio Highway Patrol.

Mr. Mealer and Hollis Richer, 17, the girlfriend of Elliot Mealer, a son of Mr. Mealer’s who also was in the car, were pronounced dead at the scene.

Elliot Mealer, 18, and his mother, Shelly, 47, were treated at Fulton County Health Center.

Brock Mealer, 22, was initially taken to St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center in critical condition. He was last reported in fair condition Thursday night.

Elliot Mealer is a Wauseon High School senior who has verbally committed to play football at the University of Michigan."


It's always hard when it comes time to tell a person who was always a capable, vibrant, active person that it's time to hang up the keys. How often do you see elderly people on the road doing things that make you ask yourself, "Should they really be driving?"

It was tough on them, but near the end of my wife's grandfathers life, the family actually resorted to disabling the grandfathers car because his driving was just too erratic, and he (a life long salesman who always drove everywhere) refused to admit he ever did anything wrong behind the wheel.

Again - there was some heartache involved in taking away grandpa's freedom, and some sacrifice was involved as well, as different family members now had to make themselves available to take him places. But compared to what Johnson's family must be going through right now, it's not much of a choice.

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How terribly sad for everyone involved but you make an excellent point. At some point the family needs to step in and remove the ability to drive from someone who is obviously unable to drive safely.

Let's not say that this man was in this "ACCIDENT" because he is a senior. People 16 to 90 run stop signs and red lights daily (hence red light cameras). Sure there are some seniors that need to have their driving license taken away, but there are many that are very competent at 85. When some one is young you might say that they were distracted or try to come up with the reason they ran a red light or a stop sign, this may well be the case here. I hope in another 45 years when I'm that old that they, don't take away my car because of a certain age has been obtained.

I don't think it was suggested that there be a set age where driving privledges be taken away., but if an elderly family member is losing their abilty to drive safely then the family needs to step up and intervene.


Ohiokat, You did assume that the man was to old to drive, as well as the post. All I was saying was that if he had been 20 we still wouldn't have an answer.

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